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Labor and delivery

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your trusted care partner, we work to provide a personalized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

Labor and delivery unit in Palm Beach County, Florida

The HCA Florida Palms West Women's and Children's Center is an obstetrics unit that provides the warmth and special care you deserve for the birth of your baby.

Our private birthing and mother-baby suites create a comforting and secure environment to meet and bond with your little one. Each suite is furnished with the latest technology and equipment to ensure the health, safety and comfort of you and your family.

Questions about maternity services?

Give us a call to learn more about our maternity services.

Give us a call to learn more about our maternity services.

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Full-service maternity care close to home

Our labor and delivery unit offers:

  • Maternity classes to help prepare the whole family for your new baby
  • Flexibility with labor choices
  • Family-centered labor, delivery and postpartum care
  • Board-certified obstetricians (OBs), including an OB hospitalist on site 24/7
  • Anesthesiologists skilled in childbirth pain management and available 24/7
  • Nurses certified by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)
  • Surgical suite for planned and unplanned cesarean sections (C-sections) located on the unit
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with neonatologists and neonatal nurses
  • Breastfeeding support from lactation consultants and access to our lactation center
  • State-of-the-art infant security system and locked OB unit
  • Open visitation policy

Preparing for labor and delivery

We want to help you feel prepared for your childbirth experience, because preparedness helps you feel empowered. This is why we offer a variety of opportunities for you to learn what to expect during labor, delivery, recovery and newborn care.

To pre-register for your delivery, please call (877) 351-7006.

Maternity classes

We offer our preregistered patients a comprehensive group of childbirth education classes to help you learn what to expect with labor, birth, recovery and newborn care. Support persons are welcome at these classes and groups.

You can sign up for maternity classes online or call us at (561) 798-BABY or (561) 798-2229.

  • Breastfeeding class — This class is intended to help you gain the skills and confidence for a rewarding and successful breastfeeding experience. We discuss latch-on and positioning techniques, helpful tips for the first few days at home, nutrition while breastfeeding and returning to work.
  • Childbirth class — This class is useful for expectant couples to learn about the entire childbirth process. We discuss natural childbirth, augmented labor, inductions, basic breathing techniques, labor positions and postpartum and newborn care.
  • Infant CPR class — We recommend this class so parents, grandparents and caregivers can learn hands-on CPR techniques.
  • Newborn care — Designed for first-time parents and others who desire a preparation course for the care of their newborn, this class covers bathing, umbilical cord and circumcision care, diaper changing, when to call the pediatrician and more.

Maternity hospital tour

We offer tours of the HCA Florida Palms West Women's and Children's Center so you and your family can get acquainted with the hospital and our birthing center. Your tour guide will provide information on what to expect during your hospital stay as well as newborn procedures, infant safety and security measures and amenities we offer.

If you would like a tour of our facility, please sign up for a tour online.

What to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery

Because babies have a timetable of their own, we suggest you have an overnight bag packed and ready to go in advance of your due date. Some of the items you may want to bring include:

  • A comfortable robe and slippers
  • An approved infant car seat
  • Comfortable going home outfits for you and your baby
  • Important phone numbers and information, such as your Social Security number
  • Nightgowns, underwear and nursing bras
  • Personal items, such as a favorite pillow
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletries and cosmetics

Coming to the hospital for labor and delivery

When you think you are in labor or your water breaks, call your OB immediately. They will notify us to prepare for your arrival.

You may use the main hospital entrance Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 8:00pm. Outside of these hours, please use the emergency room (ER) entrance.

When you are in labor, you will be admitted to a private suite for your labor, delivery and recovery. At this point, you will also be provided with a registered nurse. Your nurse will do everything possible to help ensure the birth of your baby is a special experience for you and your family. We respect your birth plan, while helping keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

Neonatal intensive care

If your baby requires special care at birth, we provide 24-hour neonatology coverage. The skilled doctors and nurses in our Level III NICU provide highly specialized, family-centered care for ill and premature babies.

Postpartum care

Our maternity services don't end after your baby is delivered. Following the birth of your baby, you will be transferred to another private suite for postpartum care for the remainder of your hospital stay. There is plenty of space in this suite for your support partner and baby to room-in with you.

Here, you will receive specialized care from professionals who are experienced at caring for newborns and new moms. For first-time parents, we understand this is a learning experience. We are here to help you learn to care for your baby and answer any questions you may have, so you can leave the hospital feeling confident about parenthood.

Breastfeeding support

Our lactation center offers all the help and support you need in learning to breastfeed. We provide personalized care to you and your baby, including:

  • In-hospital visits and support
  • Telephone helpline to answer any questions
  • Follow-up telephone calls after your delivery
  • Outpatient appointments if you experience breastfeeding challenges (these are at no charge if you delivered at HCA Florida Palms West Women's and Children's Center)
  • A personalized plan for employed breastfeeding moms
  • Breast pumps and supplies for sale or rent
  • Educational materials

For questions about breastfeeding, call our registered nurses 24/7 at (561) 798-2229 or (561) 798-BABY.

You may also speak to a lactation consultant directly at (561) 753-4259.

Newborn photos

The photography team at Bella Baby Photography, will be happy to take pictures of multiple poses of your baby, with you and any other family members you wish to include. Please speak to the photography team about ordering and pricing.

Visiting hours

After delivery, we welcome family and friends to visit you and baby. Our hospital has an open visitation policy, but we do have some guidelines, including:

  • Individuals with colds or other illnesses should not be visiting you during your stay.
  • Proper rest for both you and your baby is essential, so we may limit the number of visitors.
  • We recommend healthy siblings are the only children allowed to visit.

Support after discharge for you and your baby

As your baby grows, so will your relationship with us. We offer a full range of children’s services to care for your child from birth through adolescence.

To ensure you also have access to the care you need after your baby is born, our hospital provides comprehensive women's services.

Postpartum depression support

Pregnancy and birth are wondrous and life-changing experiences. As such, many women experience the "baby blues" after birth, which may be described as feelings of sadness and fatigue. However, if these feelings last for more than a short time, it could be postpartum depression.

If you feel you may have postpartum depression, you're not alone. Postpartum depression is common. In fact, about one in eight women report having postpartum depression symptoms.

We recommend talking with your OB/GYN or nurse if you experience postpartum depression symptoms, as they can help you get the support and resources you need to feel better. Seeking help is the first step to feeling like yourself again.

"Words cannot describe the level of service that this group has provided us! We are truly so thankful! We are telling everyone how amazing you guys are! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience." - Alessandra Bouschet

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We deliver dreams at Palms West Hospital

Labor and delivery services at Palms West Hospital

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