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Advanced robotic-assisted surgery program cause for celebration at South Tampa Hospital

HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital recently celebrated the growth of its advanced robotic-assisted surgery program.

June 04, 2024
South Tampa Hospital advanced robotic surgery team celebrates together.

Tampa, FL — HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital recently celebrated the growth of its advanced robotic-assisted surgery program, which offers minimally invasive treatment options. Robotic-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive approach that can be the most effective, least-invasive option for specific procedures. Surgeons use special instruments to help guide them and provide a magnified view, resulting in enhanced vision, precision and control.

Surgeons at South Tampa Hospital began performing minimally invasive robotic surgery in 2016, with acquisition of the latest technology, and today the hospital offers robotic surgery for a wide range of procedures. “There is an increasing demand for robotic-assisted surgery because the benefits to patients include smaller incisions, less post-procedure pain, and quicker recovery times,” said Sonia Wellman, CEO. “Our expertly trained surgeons use this sophisticated technology to perform a variety of surgeries such as hernia repairs and gynecological procedures.”

No matter what type of surgery you need, HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital has a staff of highly trained surgeons who perform a wide range of surgeries – even some of the most complex surgical procedures – using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. With its primary location in South Tampa, a freestanding Emergency Room in Central Tampa, and the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery in West Tampa, last year these facilities treated 67,067 patients.

PHOTO: Dr. Michael Stine Jr., board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and his wife Dr. Jessica Stine, gynecologic oncologist, celebrate the advanced robotic-assisted surgery team and program at HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital.

June 04, 2024
HCA Florida South Tampa Hospital