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Our expert leadership teams improve the services and care we offer you and your family at our hospitals and healthcare facilities across the state.

East Florida Division

Charles Gressle III, CEO, East Florida Division

President Charles Gressle III

Chief Financial Officer Richard Read

Chief Medical Officer Jason Kelly

Chief Nursing Executive Natalie L. Ransom

Chief Information Officer Fariba Borjian

IT Director of Operations Manager David Irizarri

Divisional Director of Facilities Management Aaron Smith

North Florida Division

Brian Cook, CEO, North Florida Division

President Brian Cook

Chief Financial Officer Stewart Whitmore

Chief Medical Officer Tama Van Decar

Chief Nursing Executive Dawn Beljin

Chief Information Officer Gina Ragans

South Atlantic Division

Hugh Tappan, CEO, North Florida Division

President Hugh C. Tappan

Chief Financial Officer Todd LaCaze

Chief Nursing Executive Nina Evans

Chief Information Officer Kelly Trout

West Florida Division

West Florida Division President, Jyric Sims

President Jyric Sims

Chief Financial Officer Phillip Baker

Chief Medical Officer Augusto Sepulveda

Chief Nursing Executive Amber Boes

Divisional Director of Facilities Management Aaron Smith

Regional Vice President Human Resources Keri Moore

Chief Development Officer Bland Eng