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Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders refer to changes in sleep patterns that can affect the amount, timing and quality of sleep someone receives. They can also be related to mental health issues. Common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

Sleep disorder doctors in West Palm Beach, Florida

Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans and may lead to other health conditions if left untreated.

At HCA Florida JFK Hospital, our Sleep Disorders Center is equipped to diagnose and treat your sleep condition. As the first sleep center in Palm Beach County, our experienced sleep doctors are committed to finding an effective treatment that restores your quality of life and your sleep.

Sleep disorders we treat

We treat all types of sleep disorders and disturbances, including:

  • Advanced sleep syndrome
  • Delayed sleep phase syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Periodic limb movements
  • Rapid eye movement (REM) behavior disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Sleep apnea
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Snoring

Sleep tests and services we offer

We are equipped to provide a wide range of sleep studies and treatment options tailored to your needs.

Sleep disorder tests

We offer a spectrum of sleep studies and tests that we perform while you are sleeping to better understand the symptoms you are experiencing.

Our sleep studies and tests include:

  • In-lab sleep study — This study involves monitoring brain wave activity, breathing, effort of breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm and muscle movement. It is used to help your physician diagnose your sleep problem along with sleep history.
  • Sleep study with positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment — This tests for sleep apnea by monitoring brain wave activity, breathing, effort of breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm and muscle movement. We use three types of devices to treat sleep apnea: continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) and adaptive servo ventilation (ASV).
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) — This test is performed after an in-lab sleep study and spans a series of four to five naps that measure your daytime sleepiness. We do this by monitoring your brainwave activity to see what stage of sleep you go into when given 20 minutes to fall asleep.
  • Unattended sleep study — Also known as a home sleep test (HST), this is for patients with suspected moderate-to-severe sleep apnea. It measures breathing, effort of breathing, oxygen levels, body position and heart rate.
  • Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT) — This study measures your ability to stay awake in the most extreme circumstance to ensure your sleep disorder treatment is working.

CPAP assistance

If you are having a hard time adjusting to using your CPAP machine, you may come in during the day to work with a registered sleep technologist to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

CPAP support group

Our CPAP support group meets the second Wednesday of every month October through May at 4pm in the Sleep Disorders Center. Discussion topics may include:

  • A time to talk openly and discuss any issues while starting and continuing therapy
  • Continued education on the importance of using your CPAP
  • Exploring the effect of CPAP on the relationship with the sleeping partner
  • New product information and services provided by area sleep experts
  • Tips on how to cope with using CPAP

Accredited sleep center

Being an accredited sleep center shows our commitment to the highest quality care and management of sleep patients in West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. 

We are proud to be an Accredited Sleep Center designated by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The areas our center excels in to earn this accreditation include:

  • Highly qualified personnel on staff
  • Advanced facility and equipment
  • Data acquisition, scoring and reporting efforts
  • Patient evaluation and care
  • Emergency procedures
  • Quality assurance

Our Sleep disorders Locations

Currently Viewing:

JFK Hospital
5301 S Congress Ave
Atlantis, FL 33462
 (561) 965-7300

Currently Viewing:

JFK Hospital
5301 S Congress Ave
Atlantis, FL 33462
 (561) 965-7300
Northwest Hospital
2801 N State Road 7
Margate, FL 33063
 (954) 974 - 0400

24.2 miles

Aventura Hospital
20900 Biscayne Blvd
Aventura, FL 33180
 (305) 682-7000

43.5 miles