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Pediatric pulmonology

Pediatric pulmonologists diagnose and treat breathing problems in children. Pediatric pulmonology deals with an array of acute and chronic conditions that affect the lungs, ranging from difficult or noisy breathing to serious problems like sleep apnea and asthma.

Pediatric pulmonary specialists in Brandon, Florida

When your child is having breathing issues, it's important they receive pulmonary care tailored to their needs.

HCA Florida Brandon Hospital's pediatric pulmonologists will be there for your child to provide care for breathing conditions, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. We take time to understand the underlying cause of any breathing trouble your child may have so we can determine the best possible treatment method. Each step of the way, our team is committed to helping your child feel as comfortable as possible.

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Conditions our pediatric pulmonary doctors treat

Our specialists are experienced in treating pediatric respiratory conditions, including:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Chronic aspiration
  • Chronic wheezing
  • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Stridor
  • Unexplained or chronic cough

Our pediatric pulmonology services

We work with you and your child to determine the most effective respiratory treatment for them. In addition to providing pediatric pulmonary care, our Pediatric Aerodigestive Center provides pediatric gastroenterology services, including treatment for reflux.

Emergency care for pediatric respiratory conditions

Children can't always communicate when something is wrong, so it is important to recognize symptoms requiring emergency medical attention. Seek emergency pediatric care if your child displays any of the following signs:

  • Breathing that is faster than normal or harder without exertion
  • Bluish color to the lips or skin
  • High-pitched squeaky sound in the upper airway
  • One side of the chest or abdomen going up while the other side goes down
  • Persistent cough or wheezing

Pediatric pulmonary surgery

Our pediatric pulmonary surgeons and staff use advanced techniques to perform the following procedures:

  • Bronchoscopy: endoscopic technique to visualize the inside of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • Triple endoscopy:procedure to evaluate the pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box), esophagus, trachea (windpipe) and bronchi (large air tubes that carry air to the lungs)

Your child's pediatric hospital stay

We use advanced techniques to help your child recover quickly. Most children will need to stay at least one night at the pediatric center following a procedure. To help your child feel comfortable, we encourage and welcome you to stay with your child overnight.

Our Pediatric pulmonology Locations

Currently Viewing:

Brandon Hospital
119 Oakfield Dr
Brandon, FL 33511
 (813) 681 - 5551

Currently Viewing:

Brandon Hospital
119 Oakfield Dr
Brandon, FL 33511
 (813) 681 - 5551