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Pediatricians are specially trained to treat behavioral problems, mental health issues and diseases as they relate to children. Pediatric care includes well check-ups, vaccinations and much more.


Pediatric treatment in Brandon, Florida

We understand that, as a parent, choosing your child's healthcare is a matter of trust.

At HCA Florida Brandon Hospital, you can take comfort in knowing that we offer a full range of treatment services to help your child heal in a supportive environment. Our compassionate pediatric doctors and medical staff will walk alongside your child every step of the way to make sure they receive a high level of care. Our goal is to help your child get well while making sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Our pediatric services program

Our pediatric team is committed to providing your child with high-quality, family-centered care.

Features of our pediatric department

We offer a high level of care for your child, including the following:

  • 15-bed pediatric inpatient unit
  • Pediatric emergency room (ER) with 16 private rooms and a dedicated entrance
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Pediatric specialty areas

Our staff includes dual-certified pediatric intensivists (critical care physicians), pediatric surgeons and nurses with extensive experience in pediatric care. We offer a variety of specialty services, including:

  • Pediatric anesthesiology
  • Pediatric cardiology
  • Pediatric critical care/intensive care
  • Pediatric gastroenterology
  • Pediatric general surgery
  • Pediatric neurology
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Pediatric otolaryngology
  • Pediatric pulmonology

What to expect at our pediatric hospital

A hospital can be an overwhelming place for children, so we work hard to create a safe, comfortable and family-focused environment.

Child-friendly care and amenities

Our pediatric unit was designed with your child and your family in mind. We offer:

  • Animal-themed pediatric units to provide a sense of familiarity for children and ease their fears
  • A playroom where children can feel safe and at ease while taking a needed break from their treatment schedule
  • Full-time child life specialists who provide therapeutic play and developmentally appropriate activities for children, reducing the stress of hospitalization

Visiting our pediatric center

We know how important it is for your family to be there for your child when they are in the hospital. This is why we have open visiting hours.

We can arrange for you to stay overnight with your child and will provide a courtesy meal. When staying overnight with your child, we ask that you:

  • Are available at your child's meal time
  • Are dressed by 8:00am before the physicians begin their rounds
  • Keep the door slightly open
  • Notify your child's nurse before leaving the unit

What to bring to the hospital

Children often feel more comfortable with things from home. Consider packing the following for your child:

  • Favorite blanket or pillow
  • Favorite book or snuggle toy
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers or socks
  • Undergarments

Secure pediatric unit

Our pediatric units remain locked and all visitors must be granted access by staff on the floor. All hospital staff are required to wear identification badges. If you do not see an identification badge, please ask to see one.

Child Life at Brandon Hospital

The Child Life Specialist at Brandon Hospital helps children up to 17 years old and their family through their hospital experience.
A nurse sitting on a bed with a child patient holding a teddy bear. The nurse is demonstrating the stretchy band used for drawing blood while the patient's mother sits next to the bed.

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