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Oncology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncology treatments may include chemotherapy, radiation, medication or surgery. Oncologists can specialize in one of three fields of oncology: medical, radiation or surgery.


Cancer specialists in Brooksville, Florida

From the moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, we are fighting for you and with you.

As part of our dedication to that fight, the oncology program at HCA Florida Oak Hill Hospital offers you access to a multidisciplinary cancer care team ranging from certified oncologists, radiologists and pathologists to psychiatrists, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists and anesthesiologists. The program here has also been approved by the American College of Surgeons' (ACOS) Commission on Cancer for excellence in cancer care. We will walk with you every step of the way to make sure you get the treatment and support you need.

Our cancer care services

Our team will do everything we can to make sure you feel safe in our care throughout your cancer journey.

Cancer screenings

Our American College of Radiology-accredited diagnostic imaging services allow us to detect cancer in its earliest stages and begin treatment. This is one of the reasons why routine cancer screenings are so important.

Breast cancer screening

At our Women's Imaging Center, we provide breast cancer screening services to diagnose and detect breast abnormalities or cancerous tissue. Our center has been accredited by the American College of Radiology as the first and only Breast Imaging Center of Excellence in Hernando County.

Lung cancer screening

Our low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT) lung cancer screening is an effective way to detect lung cancer early and is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies. Please contact your insurance provider to verify coverage under your specific plan. If you do not have insurance coverage for these screenings, you can still receive a screening at a self-pay rate of $150.

Nurse navigation

Along your care journey, you may need assistance finding the right healthcare services for timely diagnosis and treatment or someone to help streamline communication with your different doctors. You may also want help accessing the education and financial resources you need. A board-certified nurse navigator is available to guide you through your cancer treatment and help anticipate and address obstacles at each step.

Cancer registry program

To improve the quality of cancer detection and care, we participate in a statewide cancer registry program. Although this cancer registry is required by state law, we use it proudly to help improve cancer care for people everywhere. We track causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and certain blood disorders and send information to the Florida Cancer Data System, where data is collected all across Florida and studied closely to find ways of improving cancer care.

Cancer rehabilitation

After cancer treatment, your care continues with our personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation programs. Our licensed physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists help you every step of the way during your recovery. Depending on your specific needs, they will develop a customized plan to help you regain your abilities, strength and independence.

Lymphedema therapy

Lymphedema refers to the abnormal buildup of protein and fluid that causes swelling primarily in the limbs. It can occur as a result of the impact of cancer treatment, such as lymph node removal and/or radiation therapy. Our certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) works with you during your inpatient stay to plan your care after discharge and will develop a plan for complete lymphedema management, including complete decongestive therapy — a gentle, noninvasive and effective lymphedema treatment.

Local cancer care resources

We know the importance of support throughout your cancer journey. We connect you with support groups and resources to educate and empower you on the path to recovery.

Nationally accredited cancer care program

Receiving care at a COC-approved program means you can take advantage of various benefits.

A multispecialty team approach to coordinate the best treatment options available

  • Comprehensive oncology program offering a range of services
  • Information about cancer, clinical trials, education and support
  • Lifelong patient follow-up through a cancer registry that collects data on types and stages of cancer
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of cancer care

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