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Pain management

Pain management often involves treating chronic and acute pain as well as pain associated with long-term illnesses, such as cancer. Methods of treatment may include interventional procedures, medications, therapies or injections — all with the intent of managing your pain.

Pain management services in Margate, Florida

At HCA Florida Northwest Hospital, we understand chronic and acute pain often require a combination of treatments.

Our goal is to work together with you to help identify and treat the source of your pain and optimize the quality of your life.

Our Pain management Locations

Currently Viewing:

Northwest Hospital
2801 N State Road 7
Margate, FL 33063
 (954) 974 - 0400

Currently Viewing:

Northwest Hospital
2801 N State Road 7
Margate, FL 33063
 (954) 974 - 0400
JFK North Hospital
2201 45th St
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
 (561) 842-6141

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Our pain management services

Our staff consists of multidisciplinary specialists with reputations for high-quality diagnosis, research and management of pain.

Our pain management team

Our dedicated team will ensure you receive the best pain care services available, working in conjunction with your personal physician. Together, we will approach your case individually and objectively, working to identify your source of pain and then develop a treatment program tailored specifically for you.

Pain diagnosis

The first step in your care is an evaluation. We perform a thorough evaluation to help understand and identify the source of your pain.

What to bring on your first visit

Talk to your doctor about what you need to bring to your first appointment, but, in general, expect to:

  • Bring any imaging reports relating to your pain condition. (Your referring physician’s office should be able to assist you in obtaining these records.)
  • Have a list or knowledge of all medications you are currently taking, including the names, dosages and number of days or months the medication has been taken.
  • Bring a list of medications you have taken in the past, but no longer take, and the effectiveness of this medicine. If you have doubts concerning any of your medications, please bring the medication with you.

Pain treatment

Our team works together to create a treatment plan aimed at relieving your pain as well as increasing your ability to work and carry out a normal lifestyle. We use a variety of methods to accomplish these goals, including:

  • Physical therapy — exercise programs to relieve pain and increase physical strength and endurance
  • Nerve blocks — injections to stop the nerve impulses that cause you to feel pain
  • Surgery — corrective procedure to eliminate or improve the physical condition causing pain
  • Medications — used to relieve pain during the healing period or on a long-term basis (talk to your doctor if you have concerns about pain medication)

Important notes about pain

Pain is always subjective. Understanding more about it can help you identify when pain is chronic and know when to seek help.

Some things it helps to know about pain are:

  • There are effective methods of reducing and relieving pain. Your healthcare provider can better help you if you tell them about your pain.
  • Pain scales are useful tools to help you communicate pain intensity.
  • Pain relief helps you better cope with an illness or injury.
  • Well-controlled pain will enable you to do certain activities, such as walking and breathing exercises, that help you regain your strength and improve your overall recovery.
  • Not all pain can be completely relieved; however, through communication with your healthcare team, an acceptable level of pain control can be achieved.

Signs and symptoms of chronic pain

Although many people experience pain on occasion, persistent pain can cause interruptions and interference in your daily life.

Pain can cause:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Worry

Pain can interfere with:

  • Daily activities
  • Eating
  • Enjoying life
  • Interest in work and hobbies
  • Sexual activity
  • Sleeping