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In addition to our comprehensive compensation and benefits package, we offer these incentives for our nursing staff:

  • Advancement opportunities
  • Buddy Program (new hire support program)
  • Clinical nurse advancement program (CNAP)
  • Free continuing education and certifications
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Non-benefited with increased base rate for full time RNs
  • Recruitment incentives
  • Shift differentials

Education and development

Our nursing leadership encourages our nurses to develop their professional and clinical skills. We have continuing education programs, as well as a clinical nurse advancement ladder program. We also have an advisory board which consists of every nursing director to help our administrators become better leaders and more effective managers.

Our nursing units are managed not only by our directors, but also resource nurses who spend time between direct patient care, staff education and daily operations. These hybrid positions provide an immediate and hands-on resource for our staff and managers.

Preceptor program for new RNs

All of our nurses receive a comprehensive orientation and training program. New graduate RNs receive anywhere from a 10-12 week orientation, as well as classroom instruction. More experienced nurses have orientations more tailored to meet their individual needs. Additionally, all new RNs are assigned a preceptor to mentor, train and assess their skills.

Florida licensure

To inquire about or obtain a Florida nursing license, please call (850) 524-4125 or visit the Florida Department of State website. Florida is not a compact state, so please check with the Florida Board on the application process.

Our nurses

The heart of our hospital is found in the lives of our more than 400 RNs, LPNs, nurse techs and unit secretaries. Our hospital and our patients depend on our nurses every day, as our nurses provide compassionate care based on best practices.

The recognitions we have received for our cancer, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, stroke, surgical and wound care programs is owed in large part to the dedication of our nurses.

At HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital, we take a family-centered approach to patient care, and believe in treating our patients with loyalty, dignity and respect. We believe in a work environment that enhances personal and professional growth by empowering nurses to engage in critical decision-making, with equal accountability and responsibility.

Patient safety

HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital has earned a reputation for personal care and attention that serves both the physical and emotional needs of our patients.

The hospital’s surgical unit offers pre- and post-operative care for a variety of major surgical procedures, including general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and urology.

Our physicians are leaders in the use of computer and laser-assisted surgical procedures, which help maintain high clinical outcomes for our patients undergoing a variety of precise and challenging knee, sinus and spine procedures.

HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital is also a leader in adopting innovative patient safety measures. We were the first hospital in the region to use bedside computers, which increase the accuracy of patient medical records. We were also the first hospital in the region to use an electronic system to verify that patients receive the correct medications at the correct dosage at the correct time.

In addition to a clean, quiet healing environment, we want to make sure our patients are safe while in our care. Upon admission, a nurse meets with each patient to explain our patient safety programs, including topics such as infection control and fall prevention. By addressing these topics early in our patient’s care, we are providing information that will help them have the safest healing experience possible.

Nursing service areas

We offer many specialty areas for nurses, including:

Emergency services

The emergency services department has a volume of up to 150 patients per day, which includes 30-40 percent pediatrics, as well as receiving the area’s orthopedic traumas. The ER also has a self-governing steering committee, consisting of employees and physicians.

Learn more about our emergency services department

Med/surg/telemetry at 3 North

3 North is a 44 bed med/surg/telemetry unit with a capacity of monitoring 18 cardiac patients. Common conditions treated include abdominal pain, cellulites, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), GI bleed and pneumonia.

Learn more about our med/surg/telemetry unit at 3 North

Orthopedics at 2 South

2 South is a 34 bed unit specializing in orthopedic care, including traumas, elective total joints (hip, knee, and occasionally shoulder, elbow and ankle), hip fractures and fractures of other bones, such as ankles and wrists. Additionally, we specialize in spine surgeries, including anterior/posterior cervical fusions, diskectomy, laminectomy and lumbar fusions.

Learn more about our orthopedics unit at 2 South

Women’s and children’s services

Women’s and children’s services consists of labor and delivery, a Level II NICU, mother-baby care, nursery and pediatrics. This unit is the area’s provider of choice for women’s and children’s services and has the privilege of proudly delivering an average of 200 babies per month.

Learn more about our women's and children's services

Other nursing areas

We also offer the following areas for nursing:

  • Cath lab
  • Center for wound care
  • GI lab (gastrointestinal care)
  • Outpatient surgery center
  • PACU care (post-anesthesia care)