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Addiction treatment

If you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, help is here. Treatment is unique to you, but it can include inpatient and outpatient rehab, therapy and support groups.

Medical detox and substance abuse treatment centers in Florida

At HCA Florida Healthcare's behavioral health hospitals across Florida, we know substance abuse is not a result of weakness or failure.

It's a medical condition related to actual physiological processes in your body. That means, like any other medical condition, it can be diagnosed, treated and even overcome. If you or a family member is struggling with addition, please, reach out to one of our mental health specialists. 

Our Treatments & Services

Medically supervised detox

Other amenities and services we offer you as part of this program include:

  • Evaluation and intervention services for an initial assessment and treatment plan
  • Three- to seven-day detox program from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines and various other addictive substances in a medically safe and monitored environment
  • Inpatient units and services, such as for those patients who have a dual-diagnosis (co-occurring mental health condition and substance abuse issues)
  • Certified addictionologist on staff (a physician specializing in the medical care of patients with substance use disorders)
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinics that pair personalized behavioral therapy and medication regimens to precisely target and treat the combination of issues common to substance abuse.
  • Support groups and additional resources, including:
    • Aftercare services and connecting patients with community resources, such as outpatient psychiatry and housing support
    • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings available at our hospital
    • Family support through aftercare planning and connection to Al-Anon (program that offers support for friends and family members with a loved one who is an alcoholic)

Outpatient rehab services after detox

We will set you up with ongoing education and outpatient therapy after you complete your detox program. This will help you achieve a work-life balance and ensure you can continue to grow stronger every day. You'll also get access to everything you need, such as outpatient therapy, to maintain your sobriety.

Personalized rehab and treatment plans

Although you may have chosen to take or use substances in the beginning, over time it builds up a long chain of chemical reactions in your body and brain. These reactions are not in your control. They make your body crave and even "need" the substance to avoid painful, difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Know this: the same way your body has learned to "need" a substance, it can unlearn it. Beginning with medical detoxification (detox) and continuing all the way through a lifetime of recovery, we can help.

The first part, and one of the most important parts, of being treated for substance abuse and addiction is having a rehab plan that is personalized specifically to your needs. That's exactly what we do here. We listen to your questions and concerns while working closely with you and your support people, including your family, primary care doctor and other specialists.

You'll also have a personal counselor who is dedicated to your healing. You'll work with them day-to-day and, together, we'll help you succeed while you're here and afterward, when you're home again.

Family support services

Substance abuse is a term used to describe a person's addiction to drugs, including prescription medications, illegal substances and alcohol. For those who have never been addicted, this can be a difficult thing to understand. They may not realize that it's not something a person is actively choosing. In other words, chemical dependency isn't so much a lifestyle as it is a medical condition.

This is why taking care of your family and friends, making sure they get the help they need during this process, is a priority for us as well. They can become mentally and emotionally exhausted, trying to understand the situation and help their loved ones succeed. That's why we provide services for these important team members and embrace anyone who wants to assist patients in their sobriety journeys.

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