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Breast health

From regular checkups and screenings to the latest imaging technologies and treatments, you can access all our expert breast care services at our convenient locations.

Women's imaging center in Trinity, Florida

Having a mammogram or other breast imaging exam can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many women.

At HCA Florida Trinity Hospital, our experienced imaging technologists understand this. That's why they provide clinical expertise and personalized health education with a caring touch. Our goal is to relieve any stress about your exam and help you feel comfortable, while providing advanced breast health care.

Screening Mammogram

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online.

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online.

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Breast health and imaging services we offer

HCA Florida Trinity Hospital Women’s Imaging Center is proud to be recognized as a National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers of the American College of Surgeons. We use special technology to provide breast exams to obtain clear images of breast tissue, including:

Digital mammograms

Mammography is the process of using low-energy X-rays to examine the breasts. Mammograms are used to find breast cancer in its earliest stages.

2D mammogram

Digital 2D mammograms use special X-ray equipment to generate images that radiologists can manipulate on a computer. The enhanced images allow doctors to more easily target areas of concern that may require more testing.

3D mammogram

3D mammography delivers a series of high-resolution images of different layers of the breast. This technology provides screening accuracy and allows our doctors to examine your breast tissue layer by layer. Instead of viewing breast tissue in a flat image, as with conventional 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by tissue.

Schedule a Mammogram Online 

Image-guided breast biopsy

Our breast specialists use several technologies to guide minimally invasive biopsies to identify breast cancer. The image guidance enables physicians to precisely locate and target the cells for biopsy. Each technique uses a different technology to produce images:

  • Stereotactic-guided biopsy: uses special X-ray equipment
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided biopsy: uses a magnetic field and radio waves
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy: uses high-frequency sound waves

Breast lymphoscintigraphy

Another clinical breast exam we offer is a breast lymphoscintigraphy procedure. We use it to test the lymph nodes near your breast to see whether cancer has spread. This procedure involves the following steps:

  • Your physician injects the breast with radioactive tracer material.
  • The material spreads to nearby lymph nodes.
  • Your physician uses special technology to capture images of the breast, chest and armpit areas to determine if any lymph nodes have become cancerous.

Breast cancer treatment

If breast cancer is detected, we provide comprehensive care and support services through our oncology program. Our oncologists and breast cancer specialists will be by your side from diagnosis and treatment through survivorship.

Patient-centered breast care services 

We offer comprehensive breast imaging and radiology services that are tailored to women's health needs. Our outpatient women's imaging center offers:

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Trinity Hospital Women's Imaging Center
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Trinity Hospital Women's Imaging Center
9332 State Road 54
Suite 401
Trinity, FL 34655
 (727) 834 - 4000

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