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Our hospital's leadership team is experienced, knowledgeable and committed to improving the quality of healthcare we provide to our Trinity community.

At HCA Florida Trinity Hospital, our experienced and knowledgeable leadership team is committed to improving the quality of care we provide to serve the healthcare needs of our community.


  • Mike Irvin, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Wyers, Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Johnston, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jelinda Gose, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Ashwin Shivakumar, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Janette Denny, RN, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer
  • Christena Miano, Vice President Human Resources
  • Stephanie Tijerina, Vice President Operations

Board of Trustees

  • Henry Hanff, MD, Chairman
  • Linda Read, Co-Chairman
  • Peter DiMartino, MD, Chief of Staff
  • Peter Rossi, MD, Immediate Past Chief of Staff
  • Mike Irvin, CEO, Secretary
  • Ashwin Shivakumar, Chief Medical Officer
  • Steve Booth, Board Member
  • Jincy Daniel, DMD, Board Member
  • John Grey, Board Member
  • Reverend Mark Quattrochi, Board Member
  • Abdur Rahim, Board Member

Medical Executive Committee

  • Peter DiMartino, MD Chief of Staff
  • Keith Chisholm, MD Vice Chief of Staff
  • David DiPiazza, MD Secretary
  • Rene Kunhardt, MD Chief of Medicine
  • Michael Borunda, MD Vice Chief of Medicine
  • Alene Wright, MD Chief of Surgery
  • Reut Bardach, MD Vice Chief of Surgery
  • Peter Rossi, MD, Immediate Past Chief of Staff