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At HCA Florida West Hospital, our nursing staff provides excellence for our patients while cultivating a work environment built on empowerment.

A letter from the Chief Nursing Officer

Thank you for your interest in nursing care at HCA Florida West Hospital. In our hospital, we are committed to creating a work environment that enables our nurses to flourish. Our Nursing Vision Statement, created by our nurses, sums up that commitment:

We are engaged, compassionate nurses dedicated to partnering with our patients and families to provide highly reliable care through evidence-based practice.

This commitment to realizing our vision while cultivating a positive work atmosphere ensures that our patients experience excellence in nursing care. We utilize the American Nurses Credentialing Centers’ (ANCC) “Pathway to Excellence” framework, as it incorporates our nursing vision and the facility mission. The six standards to the ANCC framework include:

  • Leadership
  • Professional development
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Shared decision-making
  • Well-being

Adopting these six standards demonstrates our steadfast commitment to ensuring that our nurses are actively involved in all aspects of their nursing practice. If you are equally committed to a professional and personal journey toward excellence, please consider joining the HCA Florida West Hospital family of professionals.

Angela Ellis
Chief Nursing Officer

Nursing Professional Practice Council

The Nursing Professional Practice Council is an advocacy entity that supports collaboration and empowerment amongst our nursing staff. Our structure and philosophy is centered around decentralized decision-making, shared ownership, accountability, and promoting staff-leader partnership. We exist to improve quality of care, safety, patient experience and a healthy work-life balance.

Our compassionate nursing staff

The influence of our nursing staff extends from patient care to support staff, physician services and professional mentoring. Some of our current nurses include:

HCA Physician Services
  • Jennifer Alicea, RMA — Physician Services Group/Patient Access Center
Patient care nurses
  • Cris Forbes, RN — Behavioral Health
  • Angie Heath, RN — West Florida Rehabilitation Institute
  • Shane Whitacre, RN — Kids’ Unit
Professional mentoring nurses
  • Melinda Cochran, RN — West Florida Rehabilitation Institute
  • Kala Frentress, RN — General Medical Unit
  • Melissa McNally, RN — Emergency Department
Support staff
  • Savannah Saylor, CNA — Medical/Surgical Unit

Nursing internships

If you are an RN student looking for more hospital experience while completing nursing school, we offer internships that provide valuable experience acquiring general nursing skills that complement your nursing program.

We offer flexible schedules, great salary and varying shifts to accommodate varying lifestyles and personal commitments.

For more information, you may visit our HCA Healthcare Careers page and search for “Nurse Intern PRN” positions currently available.