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Nurse education and career development opportunities

At HCA Florida Healthcare, we are passionate about investing in the communities we serve and developing the next generation of healthcare leaders. Hear from HCA Florida Healthcare nurses who are making their dreams come true—and changing the face of healthcare in communities across the Sunshine State.

July 01, 2024

Nurse education and career development opportunities

Increasing opportunity and access to healthcare careers

At HCA Florida Healthcare, we are passionate about investing in the communities we serve and developing the next generation of healthcare leaders. With the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Needs Study estimating a shortage of approximately 463,000 healthcare workers by the end of 2024, we recognize how critical it is to equip those who want to advance their career in healthcare.

That’s why we’ve invested more than $4 million to support healthcare career education programs across Florida for high school, university and post-graduate students, including:

  • A commitment of $1 million over three years to the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations to promote activities that lead to nursing or allied health tracks and include work-based learning, healthcare career exploration activities and industry certifications
  • An investment in hands-on education programming for high school students, university-based healthcare programs and residencies and fellowships throughout the Sunshine State.
  • A robust New Graduate Transition to Practice program designed to help new graduate nurses gain confidence and competence as they advance into their professional roles and care for patients.

This investment is driven by our commitment to nurture the healthcare talent we have right here in Florida. Hear from HCA Florida Healthcare nurses who are making their dreams come true—and changing the face of healthcare in communities across the Sunshine State.

Training tomorrow’s nurses, and keeping it in the family

Aside from being born at HCA Florida Brandon Hospital, Camilla Inzerilli has a long family history there.

Not only did both of her parents work at the hospital, Inzerilli continued her mother’s legacy by taking over when she retired as a unit coordinator in the same department. She’d also later go on to study as a registered nurse in the HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency Program, taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement program to help cover the cost of her courses and books.

“It’s hard when you’re working and going to school. But I felt more comfortable knowing I didn’t have to worry about where that half of the money was coming from,” says Inzerilli. 

Inzerilli’s path to nursing exemplifies the career growth opportunities at HCA Florida Healthcare, and the power of a strong support network. 

“My colleagues gave me the encouragement to go to nursing school… and to stick with it. So, it’s important to me that I pay it back; not just to them but to the hospital too. Because it feels like home here,” says Inzerilli. “They always ask you your why: ‘Why do you want to be a nurse?’ I want to be a good nurse so I can be good to people.”

Inzerilli’s goal for her career is to continue growing on her unit as a nurse. The mentorship and camaraderie she has developed with the other nurses through the program have given her a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to take care of her patients and their families.

Supporting new graduate nurses

Like Inzerilli, Erin Dalton found her passion for nursing while working in another role at HCA Florida St. Lucie Hospital. Starting with a position in Supply Chain, she believed she was in the right place… yet quickly felt a calling toward nursing. Today, Dalton is also a part of the HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency program. 

 “When I got hired, the [program] was a regular part of my transition from school to getting my feet wet at the hospital,” says Dalton. “And I’m a better nurse for it. Shadowing different nurses gave me different perspectives, helped me learn how to prioritize and set me up for success here at HCA Florida St. Lucie Hospital.”

Another nurse resident, Jasmine Love, also found strong support as a new graduate nurse. She says, “I felt it would help me as a new nurse to be more comfortable on the floor by myself. I really appreciate the program.”

HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency program
“The year-long nurse residency allows first-year nurses to move from the classroom to the bedside while unlocking all the promise and possibilities of their careers,” shares Brooke Roberson, the assistant vice president of clinical education strategy and operations for HCA Healthcare’s Center for Clinical Advancement. “Through classroom learning, mentoring and hands-on experience, nurses work with preceptors in a series of different [clinical] rotations to gain knowledge and skills. The experience can help determine the path they want to take as a nurse and open doors to help them get the skills necessary to care for patients in the hospital setting.” 

The HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency program was developed using evidence-based practice, National Standards and HCA HealthcareClinical Standards of Excellence. Divided into two phases, the program provides an individualized, competency-based and professional development experience for all new graduate nurses. The comprehensive blended curriculum includes interactive, personalized training with continued opportunities for professional development.

“Transitioning from student to professional nurse can be challenging,” continues Roberson, who is also a registered nurse in addition to her current role with HCA Healthcare. “During their residency, our nurses are surrounded by a community of experienced colleagues and fellow nurse residents who are all invested in their success and will help them to build a foundation for their career. We commit to offering our nurses an evidence-based residency, support to grow and thrive, unlimited career opportunities, and continued educational support as they transition into the professional nursing role.” 

“I took this program to build a better foundation as a nurse,” explains Raul Reyes, a recent graduate of the program. “Instead of being thrown into the fire, I was able to learn all the basics needed to have a positive impact on my patients’ lives.” 

Investing in our nurses 

Any interested nurses at HCA Florida Healthcare can focus on continued professional growth and development by taking advantage of the Clinical Certification Support Program. The program encourages nurses to acquire new skills or nationally recognized certifications beyond those required for their current role, the program also reimburses their expenses.

Nurses like Elizabeth Blanco, for example, who completed the HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency at HCA Florida Kendall Hospital continue to thrive and provide excellent, compassionate patient care.

“As a nurse who started her career during COVID, I wanted to take this program in order to get more support and training,” says Blanco. “With no clinical experience, this program provided me with the tools to give my patients the best possible care.”

Whether nurses are just starting their careers or are experienced and looking for ongoing development, we strive to support our colleagues through accessible clinical education. 

Learn more about nursing education and training opportunities with HCA Florida Healthcare

Camilla Inzerilli in scrubs at the hospital.
Camilla Inzerilli
Raul Reyes in scrubs at the hospital.
Raul Reyes
Elizabeth Blanco in scrubs at the hospital.
Elizabeth Blanco
Erin Dalton in scrubs at the hospital.
Erin Dalton
Jasmine Love in scrubs at the hospital.
Jasmine Love



July 01, 2024