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Jessey Bowers

As a busy mom and new grandma, Jessey embraces a healthy lifestyle through weight loss surgery.

June 03, 2024
Jessey Bowers portrait photo with green dress

Life gets busy and when you focus on others all the time, you can quickly lose sight of yourself and your needs. 

You would never think this had happened to this stunning woman, Jessey Bowers. She is a woman who radiates not only natural beauty but a warmth and joy that touches your heart.

Her glow of happiness and health has been hard won with a lot of hard work, determination and the support of her family. It all started with the decision to have weight loss surgery at HCA Florida Brandon Hospital in 2022.  

Today, Jessey has the energy to juggle her family's needs and continue to make herself a priority. The recent birth of her grandson on April 13 at Brandon Hospital gives her yet another reason to feel grateful. 

Jessey is a busy mom and new grandma, balancing her full life. She has a spring in her step and a bright smile to match. She feels truly blessed.

“It’s so amazing, the simple things. Having the energy to live my life. I love it,” said Jessey.

Prior to surgery

Jessey had followed numerous fad diets, took appetite suppressants, B-12, B-6 and fat burner injections, as well as went to weight loss clinics for many years. 

Jessey came to a breaking point when she started to struggle to take care of her family. 

Between my husband and I, we have four children ranging in age from a toddler to an adult, and now we have our grandson. I couldn't keep up with my children's activities and even normal activities were becoming extremely difficult to do. There were times when I would need a wheelchair or a walker or both to get around. I still was coping with arthritis and extreme pain in my feet and lower extremities,” said Jessey. “I knew I had to make a change.”

“I was nervous about going through the actual surgery,” said Jessey. “But I had heard that Dr. Fernandez’s group was amazing and other family members had success with bariatric surgery.”

“My family supported me through the whole weight loss process, and they are extremely proud of me. I also had weight loss professionals and a support group at Brandon Hospital, so as questions would arise, I would have someone to ask,” said Jessey. 

“Now, after surgery, I am the first one up in the morning and getting my five-year-old ready for school. My days are busy, but I’ve made more time to take better care of myself,” said Jessey.

Digital journaling – get accountable

For Jessey, journaling has been the key. Weight loss apps have helped her get back on track and keep her accountable, moving in the right direction. 

The apps are linked to a food scale, a weight scale, and a measuring tape that tracks inches lost. These tools make using the application much easier.

“Journaling your foods definitely helps when you are keeping track of what you are eating, making sure you have a high enough protein intake,” said Jessey.

Support groups – share your story

“It definitely helps to be surrounded by other individuals that are sharing in the same journey,” said Jessey.

Jessey needed “a strong support system including the right nutritionist, psychiatrist and a support group at Brandon Hospital. You have to educate yourself about the habits you will need to change to be a success. I had to change my unhealthy relationship with food.”

Due to her family's busy schedule, sometimes Jessey attends support groups via Zoom. The information shared by fellow bariatric patients gets her back into the mindset of what she needs to be doing to keep the weight off.

“Weight loss support groups are a place to find people who provide understanding, compassion and encouragement. It is very important to surround yourself with people who know what it is like to deal with the many physical, emotional and relationship changes that are experienced throughout the journey,” said Kay Carlile, Metabolic and Bariatric Program Coordinator at Brandon Hospital's Weight Loss Center.

Exercise - get moving

“My medications have decreased by more than half and I no longer need to use a wheelchair or walker,” said Jessey. “I do everything with my children and currently go to the gym 5x a week. I have a different outlook on life.”

Jessey shares that, “When I started to notice changes in my body that motivated me to keep going.”

Jessey enjoys exercise classes at the YMCA. She attends Pilates, yoga, body sculpting, and stretching classes and sometimes stays for a second class. Her young daughter has joined in the fun on numerous occasions.

“My classes are full of friends who live in the area that I’ve come to love and are a huge part of my life. As a stay-at-home mom, it is so important to me to make time for myself,” said Jessey.

As a family, they enjoy yoga, going on walks, riding bikes and visiting the freshwater springs and the beach.

Nutrition - vegetables chef style

Since weight loss surgery, Jessey has changed her eating habits. “My family is Cuban, and we would typically eat rice with protein each night,” said Jessey.

“I didn’t grow up eating vegetables. I learned to like vegetables with my husband; he prepares them a certain way. They are delicious,” said Jessey.

“After surgery, my tastes have changed. I’m not a fan of spicy food anymore,” said Jessey. She still enjoys the food she likes, but she eats them differently now. 

She is conscious about eating healthy, so she brings food with her since she is an on-the-go mom. Jessey spreads her protein intake throughout the day and combines it with vegetables. Some of her favorite snacks are avocado and protein chips. 

Bright future

To date, Jessey has lost 200 pounds and went from a 56.7 to a 31.5 Body Mass Index, BMI. Jessey is proud to share that she is “Passing along these good habits to my kids: eating right and exercising.”

“I’m looking forward to new adventures with my family, new challenges, and a lot of new memories,” said Jessey.

Jessey admits that she is a private person and was a bit hesitant to share her story. “But if my story could help one person, then I'm very glad that I shared it,” said Jessey.

Jessey hopes to help someone see that change is possible.


Jessey Bowers holding her infant grandson
Jessey Bowers holding her daughter in matching green dresses
Jessey Bowers is pictured before and after weight loss surgery.
Jessey Bowers is pictured before and after weight loss surgery.
June 03, 2024
HCA Florida Brandon Hospital

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