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Neurological care

Neurological care is the practice of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and function of diseases relating to the nerves and nervous system. Neurologists and neurosurgeons treat disorders that affect the brain or spinal cord.

Neurologists in Ocala

At HCA Florida Ocala Hospital, we use advanced technology and state-of-the-art treatments for conditions affecting the brain, spine and nervous system.

Our experienced neurosurgeons and multidisciplinary neurology team provide a full continuum of care, which includes prevention education, interventional treatments — like neurosurgery — and focused rehabilitation therapy. As a certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, we also provide rapid, lifesaving care to patients experiencing strokes. The driving force behind our patient-focused neurology program is our experienced, multidisciplinary team.

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Neurological conditions we treat

We treat a number of neurological conditions, including:

  • Aneurysm
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Brain tumor (benign and malignant)
  • Chiari malformation
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
  • Head injury
  • Hemifacial spasm
  • Herniated disc
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Peripheral nerve injury
  • Pituitary tumor
  • Spinal cord tumor
  • Spinal injury
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Stroke
  • Trigeminal neuralgia

Our neurological care services

Our board-certified neurologists and neurosurgeons work with a team of specialists to provide you the best care possible.

Advanced neurology diagnostics

When a patient shows symptoms of a neurological disorder, our neurologists and technologists use advanced diagnostics and imaging services to form diagnoses.

Both HCA Florida Ocala Hospital and HCA Florida West Marion Hospital, which is an extension of our hospital, offer electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nerve conduction testing. The results of these tests help your neurologist create a treatment plan to resolve any neurological disorders present.

Brain tumor care

Surgery is the main form of treatment for brain tumors that:

  • Are within the membranes covering the brain
  • Are within parts of the brain which can be removed or operated on without damaging critical neurological functions

The surgeon's main goal is to remove the entire tumor, when possible, because a tumor can return if any tumor cells are left behind. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are generally used as secondary or joint treatment for tumors that cannot be cured by surgery alone.

Brain tumor symptoms

Symptoms of a brain tumor can include:

  • Cognitive or personality changes
  • Eye weakness
  • Headaches (that wake you up in the morning)
  • Memory loss
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Seizures in a person who does not have a history of seizures
  • Speech disturbances

While these are the most common symptoms of a brain tumor, they can be an indication of other medical problems. Speak to your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Headaches caused by brain tumors

If you experience a sudden, severe headache — the worst headache you've ever had in your life — you should go to an emergency room immediately. You could have a bleeding aneurysm caused by weakened blood vessels in your brain. This is a very serious condition.

A headache that appears every morning and disappears later in the day may indicate a possible brain tumor. You should first check with your primary care doctor who may then refer you to a neurosurgeon.

Comprehensive spine care

Partnering with a spine team experienced in treating all types of back pain is the first step in resolving neck and back pain.

We offer a comprehensive spine care program to diagnose and treat conditions of the spine. Additionally, our spinal fusion services have been certified by The Joint Commission, one of the nation's leading healthcare accreditation agencies.

Emergency stroke care

Our hospital is designated as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by both the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (FAHCA) and by DNV GL Healthcare. This means we are the first and only Comprehensive Stroke Center in Marion County that provides more advanced stroke care than the primary stroke centers in Marion, Lake and Sumter counties.

Inpatient neurology unit

We are pleased to offer a dedicated inpatient neurology unit with 34 beds and 19 private rooms. Family and friends are encouraged to visit the treatment and recovery rooms of this specialized unit.


Our neurosurgeons and spine specialists always seek the most effective and least invasive treatments for your specific condition. However, when other options prove unsuccessful, surgery may be the best treatment option for you.

If so, neurosurgeons at our facility are prepared to perform the most advanced surgical procedures and techniques to treat any neurological symptoms or disorders you experience.

Back and neck surgeries are performed by skilled surgeons using progressive technology and sophisticated equipment.

The procedures we perform to treat neurological conditions include:

  • Anterior cervical fusion
  • Craniotomy
  • Cranioplasty
  • Posterior cervical fusion
  • Lumbar fusion
  • Lumbar laminectomy and microdiscectomy
  • Minimally invasive lumbar fusion
  • Minimally invasive lumbar laminectomy and microdiscectomy
  • Spinal cord stimulation insertion
  • Stereotactic brain surgery
  • Shunt placement
  • Vertebroplasty

Our neurologists are dedicated to giving you the best care. For this reason, they use minimally invasive techniques, including robotic surgery, whenever possible.

Neurological rehabilitation

Our dedication to excellent neurological care continues even after your surgery. To help you recover fully and safely, physical and/or occupational therapy may be recommended in our neurological rehab program. We offer both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Our licensed physical therapists create individualized plans, according to your surgical procedure and unique needs.

Outpatient rehabilitation services take place at Strive! Health and Rehabilitation Center. These outpatient therapists are highly trained and experienced in working with patients who have had cervical or lumbar surgery, stroke or traumatic brain injuries. They work in connection with doctors and inpatient therapists to help you regain your independence and return to your active lifestyle.

Individualized outpatient programs may include therapies focused on:

  • Balance training
  • Endurance
  • Gait training
  • Pain management
  • Strengthening

Our specialists

Our Orthopedic Joint Care Center is designed to provide effective treatment and rehabilitation of your joint pain conditions.

Features of our center include:

  • Experienced, highly trained orthopedic surgical team
  • Certified orthopedic nurses
  • Preoperative education classes
  • Private and newly remodeled patient rooms
  • Dedicated dining room
  • Physical therapy room

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Our Neurological care Locations

West Marion Hospital
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West Marion Hospital
4600 SW 46th Ct
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 (352) 291 - 3000

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