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The ICU, or intensive care unit, is the department of the hospital where critically ill patients receive treatment, specialized care and close monitoring by a multidisciplinary medical team.


Intensive care unit (ICU) in Ocala

Our board-certified intensivists and specialists are trained to provide 24/7 monitoring to patients who are recovering from medical procedures, in need of advanced care or are critically ill.

We are happy to offer the Marion County area two critical care medicine locations. In the Intensive Care Units at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital and HCA Florida West Marion Hospital, our specialists provide critical care to our patients with the most serious needs. We also have a cardiovascular ICU, where patients receive focused, lifesaving care during major critical heart events.

Our intensive care services

Our hospital offers a range of lifesaving services, including traumatic brain injury care and organ failure treatment.

The ICU at HCA Florida West Marion Hospital

West Marion Community Hospital has a 10-bed ICU and an eight-bed intermediate care unit. In these units, we offer the following critical care services:

  • Cardiopulmonary assist device management
  • Chest tube management
  • Diabetes ketoacidosis treatment
  • Hemodynamic monitoring (invasive and noninvasive)
  • Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome (a condition resulting from very high blood glucose levels)
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump management
  • Multisystem organ failure treatment
  • Targeted temperature management
  • Post-cardiac catheterization intervention care
  • Respiratory failure critical care
  • Stroke care following administration of tissue-plasminogen activator (tPA, a clot-busting drug)
  • Vasopressor therapy (critically low blood pressure therapy)
  • Ventilator management

The ICU at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital

Our ICU offers all the services at the ICU at West Marion Community Hospital, in addition to:

  • Advanced ventilator management with metabolic assessment capabilities
  • Comprehensive interventional neurocritical care
  • Continuous electroencephalogram (EEG) capability
  • Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)
  • External ventricular drain management
  • Intracranial pressure monitoring
  • Invasive brain tissue oxygenation monitoring
  • Pronation therapy for management of unresolved acute respiratory distress
  • Severe traumatic brain injury care

Intensive cardiovascular care

We provide the highest level of cardiovascular care to stabilize patients who are experiencing life-threatening heart conditions.

Our cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU)

Our dedicated CVICU is part of our complete continuum of cardiac care. In our CVICU, we offer extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a specialized therapy for patients with severe heart and lung failure.

We also provide an extensive cardiothoracic program, which includes heart and vascular surgery, such as coronary artery bypass surgery. After these surgeries, we may care for patients in our CVICU.

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DAISY Winner: Amy, Trauma ICU 

December 05, 2022
Learn more about one of our amazing colleagues who we have had the privilege to work alongside and care like family.