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The ICU, or intensive care unit, is the department of the hospital where critically ill patients receive treatment, specialized care and close monitoring by a multidisciplinary medical team.


Intensive care unit (ICU) in Tampa, Florida

We hope you and your loved ones never have to be in an intensive care unit (ICU). If you do, however, the ICU at HCA Florida South Tampa will be ready for you.

The ICU at our hospital is equipped with a highly trained care team and advanced technology. Here, we provide around-the-clock care for people with severe injuries, complex illnesses and other life-threatening conditions. Working together, our ICU doctors and care team ensure each patient receives the special care they need to achieve optimal health.

Reasons someone may need intensive care

Patients may be admitted to the ICU because of:

  • Cardiovascular emergencies, such as heart attack or stroke
  • Complex illnesses
  • Intensive surgeries
  • Severe injuries

Our intensive care services

Every patient in the ICU has unique needs, depending on their medical history and condition. This is why our ICU is a 12-bed unit that offers advanced patient-monitoring equipment and is staffed by a highly trained, multidisciplinary team.

Advanced technology for continuous care

Continuous, close monitoring is a vital component of each patient's care plan when they are in the ICU. To achieve this, we use specialized equipment that constantly keeps the nursing staff informed on each patient's vital signs, alerting them to any changes in condition. When a change is detected, the nurse's station is located right outside the patient rooms, enabling a quick response in emergency situations. We also use electronic medical records. This means doctors always have immediate access to the most up-to-date patient information from anywhere in the hospital or home.

Our multidisciplinary ICU team

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach ensures we can provide the right type of critical care for each patient in need. Our ICU staff includes:

  • Dietitians
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical therapists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Social workers