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The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) provides critical care to newborns who are ill or premature. Many factors may lead to a newborn being admitted to the NICU, including low birth weight or complications during delivery. The NICU staff works closely with parents to develop a treatment plan for their newborn.

Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Miami

If your pregnancy is considered high risk or complications arise during labor and delivery, you want to know your maternity center can handle any situation affecting your baby.

At HCA Florida Kendall Hospital, the experienced team in our Level III NICU is committed to providing focused, high-quality care to newborns in Miami-Dade County who require extra attention.

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Specialized care for your baby's needs

Our neonatal team offers short- and long-term critical care for babies born with a range of conditions, including:

  • Birth abnormalities or defects
  • Infections
  • Jaundice
  • Labor and delivery complications
  • Cribs for Kids® safe sleep program, which uses specialized swaddles instead of blankets to create a safer sleep environment for infants
  • Low birth weight
  • Neonatal abstinence syndrome
  • Premature birth
  • Respiratory issues

Our Level III NICU capabilities

Should your little one need to spend time in our neonatal ICU after labor and delivery, we ensure a seamless transition to the NICU from the birthing center.

Achieving a Level III NICU designation means we are equipped to treat very small and sick newborns, such as babies born before 32 weeks gestation or with critical illnesses. We have a full staff of neonatal specialists available 24/7 as well as access to pediatric doctors in a full range of medical subspecialties.

In addition, we have advanced technology on-site, such as ventilators and diagnostic imaging equipment, allowing us to provide continuous life support and perform surgery, if needed.

Along with five Level III NICU beds, we have eight Level II NICU beds for newborns whose conditions have improved but still need additional care. Our team also offers a neonatal transport service that provides ground transport for babies needing neonatal intensive care.

Dedicated neonatal intensive care team

Our NICU team works together to ensure your newborn is receiving comprehensive care. The NICU team includes: 

  • Neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners who specialize in caring for premature and sick newborns. There is a neonatologist available 24/7.
  • Registered nurses are the primary caretakers of your baby and are responsible for around-the-clock care and observation. They will be your key source of general day-to-day information.
  • Respiratory therapists closely monitor your baby's breathing.
  • Physical therapists are there if your baby needs to stay in NICU for a long period of time or has certain medical conditions. They will initiate a program of exercise and rehabilitation to help your baby maintain normal growth patterns.
  • Case managers are trained to assist you with issues that may accompany your baby’s hospitalization, including help with insurance and connecting you with community resources. 

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Edith Diaz | Kendall Hospital

When your newborn needs extra care, there's no better place to receive it than in a hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). A NICU has staff that has specialized training in newborn care. It also has equipment that has been designed to help tiny patients transition from the womb to the outside world. Meet Edith Diaz, Kendall Hospital's NICU Clinical Coordinator as she gives you a little sneak peak of our "magical" NICU here at Kendall Hospital.

Our NICU Locations

Currently Viewing:

Kendall Hospital
11750 SW 40th St
Miami, FL 33175
 (305) 223 - 3000

Currently Viewing:

Kendall Hospital
11750 SW 40th St
Miami, FL 33175
 (305) 223 - 3000
Mercy Hospital
3663 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33133
 (305) 854 - 4400

10.7 miles

University Hospital
3476 S University Dr.
Davie, FL 33328
 (954) 475 - 4400

25.4 miles