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For visitors at HCA Florida Kendall Hospital

Our hospital provides information about our visitor services and policies, including guest Wi-Fi access, community partnerships and other available resources.

Visitor guidelines

General visitor hours

Our visiting hours are Mon - Sun: 6:00am - 8:00pm.

Behavioral health visitor guide

When a friend and/or family member is in our behavioral health program, we appreciate and understand your concern for them and that you may want to visit them. In most cases, the patient's physician and the hospital staff encourage visitors. Please help the staff and the patients by observing the following guidelines.

Visiting hours

We welcome family and friends to visit and provide support during regularly scheduled visiting hours in our designated visiting areas.

Our visiting hours are Mon - Sun: 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

Please arrive at least five minutes before visiting hours. Visitors will be escorted as a group once everyone has been signed in.

Number of visitors

Patients are allowed a maximum of two visitors at any given time.


Children under the age of 12 may visit with a physician order in a designated area of the unit. Child visitors are supervised by staff members at all times.

Phone calls

Phones are provided for incoming and outgoing calls. Patients have access 24/7 to a phone to report alleged abuse. To speak with your family member or friend, please call the patient's phone number at (786) 315-5998 or (786) 315-5999.

Patient information

Please see the social worker or charge nurse for information about your family member or friend. We encourage and strongly recommend family involvement in treatment. However, we cannot release any information without a signed release from the patient.

Guidelines for visitors

procedure

Each visitor must sign in at the reception desk in the main lobby. When you arrive at the Behavioral Health Unit for your first visit, you must sign a confidentiality form. We will request that you wear a visitor's badge when visiting the unit.

Items not permitted

For the safety of our patients, visitors may not bring hazardous items, such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, lighters, matches, weapons and glass items.

Visitors are discouraged from bringing large amounts of money or large amounts of clothing. Visitors are not permitted to bring personal bags, purses or cell phones into the facility. Please leave these items in your car.  If you are bringing the patent clothing, it should be labeled with the patient's name.

Due to patient confidentiality, cell phones, cameras and tape recorders, including radios with recording capacity, are not permitted. All items brought in must be taken to the nurse in charge of the patient for inspection before being given to the patient. Please note no food or drink permitted.

All guidelines were developed in an effort to maintain safety.

Physician's order

Visitors are not allowed if the patient's physician decides that visiting is not in the patient's best interest or if the patient has declined to have visitors.

Past patients

Past patients will not be permitted to visit the unit for three months following their discharge unless arrangements are made with the treatment team in advance of visiting and approved by the psychiatrist of the admitted patient.

Tobacco-free policy

HCA Florida Kendall Hospital is committed to providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for our patients, employees, visitors and customers. For that reason, we are proud to be a tobacco-free campus.

Patient surgery text updates

To keep families informed on the progress of their loved one's surgery, we offer a service that provides updates via text message.

To keep families informed on the progress of their loved one's surgery, we offer a service that provides updates via text message.

Volunteer opportunities 

Volunteers are an integral part of the hospital experience for our patients and visitors. 

Visitor information


Our cafeteria is open from 6:30am - 7:00pm.

  • Breakfast hours: 6:30am - 9:15am 
  • Lunch hours: 11:30am - 3:00pm
  • Dinner hours: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

For more information, call us at (305) 223-3000, ext. 2674.

Parking and valet

HCA Florida Kendall Hospital offers free parking all across campus.

Valet services are available Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm.

For more parking information, call us at (305) 495-9230.

Gift shop

Our gift shop is open Monday through Friday from noon to 6:00pm. 

For more information about our gift shop, call us at (305) 725-3820.

Wi-Fi access

HCA Florida Kendall Hospital operates a wireless (Wi-Fi) network for our patients and guests. Using your Wi-Fi-enabled device, you can access many internet resources (email and websites) from just about anywhere in the hospital. We're happy to provide this free and reliable service to our patients and visitors, and getting connected is easy.

Chaplaincy Services

Chaplaincy Services, namely, spiritual and emotional support, are provided on-demand to all patients and their families regardless of religious affiliation. Chaplaincy Services are provided to all hospital employees and staff as well. 

Catholic patients may request the sacraments of the Catholic Church, especially the Anointing of the Sick, also known as the “Last Rites” and Communion.

The Chaplaincy Services office is located on the 3rd Floor West Tower, across the West Tower emergency stairs. The office is open Mon - Fri: noon - 4:00pm. Our Priest-Chaplain may be available for emergencies outside of office hours, Monday through Friday. Chaplaincy Services are not offered on weekends.

Priest-Chaplain: Fr. Pedro Toledo

Phone: (305) 485-4673, ext. 54673

For emergencies: Press 1 after the greeting.