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Preparing for surgery

Thank you for choosing HCA Florida Largo Hospital. These guidelines will explain our pre-admission process and help you prepare for your surgery.

Thank you for choosing HCA Florida Largo Hospital

These guidelines will explain our pre-admission process and help you prepare for your inpatient or ambulatory (same day) surgery. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Pre-Admission Testing Office at (727) 588-5668 weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Scheduling your surgery and pre-admission visit

Your doctor’s office staff will contact the hospital to schedule your admission and order tests you need before surgery. At that time, your surgery will be scheduled and an appointment will be made for your pre-admission visit. Your doctor’s office staff will call to give you this information. Enter the dates and times in the box to the right.

Your pre-admission visit

Use the main entrance to enter the hospital and report to the Admitting Office located across from the information desk. Your pre-admission appointment includes:

  • Completion of admitting forms
  • Verifying your insurance information
  • Nursing assessment and education
  • Tests your doctor has ordered
  • Anesthesia consult if needed
  • Confirming when you are to report to the hospital for your surgery

Bring your insurance card(s), any papers your doctor gave you, a list of the medications you take and your Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney if you have one. An Admitting Counselor will complete your admission forms, verify your insurance coverage and explain any deductibles or co-payments you may need to pay. A Pre-Admission Nurse will do a medical history, assess your physical condition, give special instructions about your procedure and confirm what time you should report to the hospital for admission. You will also receive information about the anesthesia that you will receive during surgery and get any tests your doctor has ordered. Your pre-admission visit will take approximately one hour, depending upon the number of tests your doctor ordered.

Tests ordered by your doctor

These may include blood work, urine specimen, EKG, X-ray and pulmonary function study. If you do not have the tests done at HCA Florida Largo Hospital, the Pre-Admission Nurse must have all the results at least two full days before your surgery. Be sure to ask your doctor if you have any questions about your tests.

Changing your pre-admission appointment

This visit is important, even if you have your tests at another facility. Call the Pre-Admitting nurse at (727) 588-5668 weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm, if you need a more convenient appointment time.

Insurance and financial information

It is important that you understand what your insurance covers and where you can go for care. Many insurance plans require pre-certification before admission. To avoid reduced benefits, call your insurance company to verify your coverage and make sure your authorizations are in order.

The night before your admission

  • Do not eat or drink anything (even water, coffee or chewing gum) after midnight. Avoid alcohol and smoking. In the morning, you may brush your teeth, but don’t swallow any water. You may, however, take your prescription medications with a small sip of water, as instructed by your physician. If you are a diabetic, please DO NOT take these medications the morning of your procedure.
  • Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after surgery. You will not be allowed to go home alone in a taxi.
  • Additional pre-op Instructions are sometimes given by your surgeons office. Follow them carefully and call your surgeon with questions.

The Day of Your Surgery Plan to arrive at the assigned time and park your car in the hospital lot. You should enter through the south entrance to the hospital (not the main entrance). Enter the first door on your right. For Florida Knee & Orthopedic Pavilion patients, please use the main entrance to enter the hospital and report to the Admitting Office located across from the information desk. An Admitting Counselor will greet you, confirm your chart is complete and give you an identification wristband.

You will then be escorted to a comfortable, private room where you will be prepared for your surgery. You will change into a hospital gown and your nurse will take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse and answer any questions you may have. An IV will be inserted. You will be asked to remove your glasses and possibly your dentures. If you wish, a family member can wait with you until it is time for your surgery.

When reporting to the hospital

  • Wear very loose fitting clothing. For orthopedic surgery-bring a pair of tennis shoes for ambulating.
  • Please bring your medication bottles to the hospital. Our staff will need to see the correct prescriptions and dosages. You will not be allowed to consume your prescription medications unless your physician instructs you to do so.
  • Be prepared to pay you co-payments and deductibles, but do not bring large amounts of money with you.
  • Leave unnecessary valuables at home
  • Pack only necessary items such as toothbrush and comb.
  • Wear glasses, not contact lenses.

Your surgery

After your family member is escorted to a waiting room, you will be transported to a special suite staffed by highly trained professionals and equipped with the latest, most advanced technology to make your surgery safe and uneventful. Anesthesia will monitor your heart and vitals during surgery.

After your surgery

When your surgery is over, you will wake up in the recovery room where nurses will remain close by and monitor you until you are fully awake. If you feel any pain, it is important to tell your nurse and describe your pain on a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (severe pain). The nurse will give you pain medication because you will recover faster if your pain is reduced. As you recover, the nurse will ask you to do deep breathing exercises, supporting your incision for you if necessary. When the nurse is satisfied with your progress, you will leave the recovery unit.

Ambulatory surgery patients

If you are an ambulatory surgery patient, you will be escorted to a private area where you will continue to recover for about 60 minutes until you can eat and drink and use the restroom comfortably. A family member can join you during this time. After the nurse explains your discharge instructions, you will leave the hospital through a private, canopied exit. Remember that you must go home with a responsible adult and have someone with you at home for 24/hrs.

Inpatient surgery patients

If you will remain a patient in the hospital, after you leave the recovery unit you will be transported to a private patient room at the HCA Florida Largo Hospital where your family will be able to join you.


If we can assist you in any way please call weekdays, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

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