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Breast health

From regular checkups and screenings to the latest imaging technologies and treatments, you can access all our expert breast care services at our convenient locations.

Breast care center in Sun City Center, Florida

Having a mammogram or other breast imaging exam can be an anxiety-producing experience for many patients.

That's why our experienced specialists at HCA Florida South Shore Hospital's Center for Breast Health are dedicated to helping ease your stress. To do this, we combine clinical expertise with personalized health education and a spa-like atmosphere. Our team works together to help make your appointment as comfortable as possible, while also delivering high-quality screening and diagnostic services.

Screening mammogram

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online.

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online.

Our breast health imaging services

We offer a variety of breast screening and diagnostic services, such as:

  • Breast lymphoscintigraphy
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Digital mammography, including:
    • 2D mammograms
    • 3D mammograms (with or without curved breast stabilization system)
  • Guided breast biopsy, including:
    • Stereotactic breast biopsy
    • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy

We may use a combination of these exams to better understand your breast health. The more precise the diagnosis, the more effective your treatment plan will be.

If you would like to schedule a breast exam, please call our central scheduling team at (866) 463-7002.

Digital mammography

Digital mammography produces a higher quality image than traditional mammography. Digital mammograms involve special X-ray equipment, which provide images that radiologists can manipulate on a computer.

Our radiologists evaluate your digital mammogram with the aid of computer-assisted detection (CAD) software. This special system increases the accuracy of their evaluation of your mammogram. This is because the enhanced images allow us to more easily target areas of concern that may require more testing.

Digital mammograms offer many benefits compared to traditional mammograms, including:

  • Faster results for patients
  • Higher quality images
  • Shorter exam times for patients

3D mammograms

3D mammography delivers a series of high-resolution images of different layers of the breast. This technology provides screening accuracy and allows doctors to examine your breast tissue layer by layer. Instead of viewing the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by tissue.

Additionally, we offer our 3D mammograms with the improved comfort of a curved breast stabilization system. The curved design of the compression device mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and applies uniform compression over the entire breast for added comfort.

Advantages of 3D mammography include:

  • Detects more cancers compared to 2D mammography
  • Fewer callbacks for additional exams
  • Reduced false positives
  • Superior exam for women with dense breasts

Receiving your mammogram results

If an abnormality is found in your mammogram, the average waiting time to receive the screening results is 48 hours. Your physician will be contacted immediately with your results, and they will review and discuss them with you.

Breast ultrasound

This diagnostic procedure studies a specific area found during a mammogram or a lump discovered by the patient. Breast ultrasounds are used in conjunction with mammograms. Due to their limited scope, they cannot be used as a replacement for a mammogram.

Image-guided breast biopsy

Physicians can use several technologies to guide minimally invasive biopsies of breast tissue to check for cancer. These guided biopsies enable the physician to precisely locate and target the cells for biopsy.

Each technique uses a different technology to produce images. At our hospital, we offer:

  • Stereotactic breast biopsy — uses special X-ray equipment
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy — uses high-frequency sound waves

Breast lymphoscintigraphy

This procedure determines if breast cancer has spread to lymph nodes near the breast. During this procedure, your physician injects the breast with radioactive tracer material, which spreads to nearby lymph nodes.

Then, your physician uses a special camera to take images of the breast, chest and armpit areas to determine if any lymph nodes have become cancerous.

Patient-centered breast care

Our breast care center is a short drive away for people who live in the Sun City Center, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Wimauma, Riverview and Parrish areas of Florida. 

Here, we offer comprehensive imaging services that are tailored to your breast health needs. To make your visit as pleasant as possible, we also provide a welcoming environment and flexible scheduling.

Additionally, many of our imaging services, including mammography and ultrasound, have been accredited by the American College of Radiology. This recognition reflects our commitment to providing high-quality screenings and diagnostic services to our patients.

Our Breast health Locations

Currently Viewing:

South Shore Hospital
4016 Sun City Center Blvd
Sun City Center, FL 33573
 (813) 634 - 3301

Currently Viewing:

South Shore Hospital
4016 Sun City Center Blvd
Sun City Center, FL 33573
 (813) 634 - 3301
Brandon Hospital
119 Oakfield Dr
Brandon, FL 33511
 (813) 681 - 5551

15.9 miles

South Tampa Hospital
2901 W Swann Ave
Tampa, FL 33609
 (813) 873 - 6400

17.3 miles

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