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About Us

HCA Florida South Shore Hospital is a medical facility & ER offering healthcare services, including cardiology and surgery in Hillsborough and Manatee Counties.

Sheldon Barr, MSN, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

HCA Florida South Shore Hospital statistics

  • 25,794

    Patients treated

  • 507


  • 138

    Bed hospital

  • 49


We are supported by a leadership team committed to bettering the lives of patients within the communities we serve. Our hospital leaders are experienced in many areas of healthcare and use their knowledge to improve the quality of care we provide.
Awards and recognitions
We strive to exceed our patients' needs. Our dedication to excellence in healthcare has led to us receiving awards and recognition from organizations such as Healthgrades and The Joint Commission.
In the community
To improve the health of the diverse communities we serve — and as part of HCA Healthcare, Florida's largest healthcare provider — we continue to take a leading role in fundamentally transforming how healthcare is provided. We also work in partnership with other organizations to provide a wide range of community benefit programs and services.

Our mantra

Be exceptional. Every person. Every time.

HCA Florida South Shore Hospital and its team members live by this message, and we have strived to deliver exceptional care and service to the residents of Hillsborough and Manatee counties since 1982. As a long-standing leader in the local community, HCA Florida South Shore Hospital remains committed to providing advanced medical services, expert healthcare providers and a dedicated care team focused on creating an exceptional experience for every patient, every time.

South shore classes and events

 August 9, 2022
 6:00 - 9:00pm
 Palms West Hospital - Classroom 1
Participants will be educated on breast feeding basics by a certified lactation consultant. Please join us!...

 August 9, 2022
 6:00 - 9:00pm
 Palms West Hospital - Classroom 1
Participants will be educated on breast feeding basics by a certified lactation consultant. Please join us!...

Bariatric Support Group 
 August 10, 2022
 5:30 - 6:30pm
 H2U of Fawcett Memorial Hospital - H2U Center
This is a support group for those who have had bariatric surgery or are interested in bariatric surgery....

 August 11, 2022
 5:55 - 8:00pm
 Northwest Medical Center - Online Class
Learn about the basics of caring for your newborn. A registered nurse will teach parents the skills needed to be prepared to care for your baby once you are home. Topics include bathing, diapering, cord care and what to expect! This class is...

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