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Imaging services

Imaging exams allow radiologists (imaging specialists) and physicians to view structures and activity within the body. This is vital for diagnosis but also for treatment, to ensure your care plan is working as it should.

Imaging center in Sun City Center, Florida

HCA Florida South Shore Hospital offers advanced medical imaging services to diagnose a wide range of conditions in adults and children.

As part of our imaging services, we use a picture archiving system (PACS) to create digital images of your radiology procedures. These can be viewed by different physicians in multiple locations over a secure network. This allows communication and collaboration among medical professionals to diagnose and create treatment plans just for you. Also, the American College of Radiology has recognized our commitment to providing high-quality services with accreditations for everything from mammography to nuclear medicine.

Our medical imaging services

We provide a variety of imaging services to diagnose conditions and to guide minimally invasive procedures, including:

Bone density screening

We offer dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) screenings to measure bone mineral density. This screening helps physicians diagnose osteoporosis and determine the stage of the disease.

Computerized tomography (CT) scan

CT scans create multiple, cross-sectional images of the body that can be viewed on a computer. These images help physicians diagnose various medical conditions.


We use X-ray technology to produce images of the inside of the body. These exams allow us to examine bones and some soft tissues, such as lungs, intestines and some organs, for disease or injury. We offer advanced diagnostic radiology equipment, such as an elevated four-way floating tabletop, which allows images to be taken from a variety of angles.

Digital mammography

Digital mammography is an advanced breast health diagnostic imaging service. Digital mammography produces high-resolution images that can be enhanced and adjusted by a physician. Digital mammograms expand a doctor's ability to detect abnormalities and breast cancer.

Heart screening

Our cardiology program offers a cardiac catheterization lab (cath lab). We use the advanced imaging and diagnostic technology in our lab to diagnose and create treatment plans for cardiovascular diseases.

Interventional radiology

Our interventional radiologists use imaging guidance to perform minimally invasive procedures to diagnose, and even treat, conditions. (With imaging technology, we can precisely locate and deliver medical treatments through small incisions.)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRI creates high-contrast images of internal soft tissues. Our scanner features a two-way intercom and hand-held call button, allowing patients to communicate with their technologists.

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine uses small amounts of radioactive materials to help physicians examine the structure and function of various internal organs and tissues.


Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to create images of internal parts of the body. This is often used to view the abdomen, reproductive system and breasts.

Our Imaging services Locations

Currently Viewing:

South Shore Hospital
4016 Sun City Center Blvd
Sun City Center, FL 33573
 (813) 634 - 3301

Currently Viewing:

South Shore Hospital
4016 Sun City Center Blvd
Sun City Center, FL 33573
 (813) 634 - 3301
Brandon Hospital
119 Oakfield Dr
Brandon, FL 33511
 (813) 681 - 5551

15.9 miles

South Tampa Hospital
2901 W Swann Ave
Tampa, FL 33609
 (813) 873 - 6400

17.3 miles