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The BEE Award

The BEE (Being Exceptional Everyday) Award was established to recognize caregivers who go beyond extraordinary expectations in supporting nurses and patients.

What is the BEE Award?

The BEE Award was established in 2022 to recognize patient-care partners for Being Exceptional Everyday. The nursing staff wanted to show appreciation and acknowledgement of exceptional professionals within our organization. The BEE award is presented throughout the year to honor the extraordinary care provided by those that go above and beyond to make an impact outside their daily duties. The support of other care providers is the foundation upon which a patient’s healthcare team can maintain exceptional care and advocacy.

Just as the daisy relies on the bee, our nurses rely on the outstanding teamwork provided by other healthcare professionals.

How to nominate an extraordinary staff member

Patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and employees may nominate a deserving non-nursing staff member by filling out the form below.