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For visitors at HCA Florida Osceola Hospital

We offer surgery text updates, newborn photography, volunteer opportunities and other amenities for guests at our hospital.

Visitor information

This information is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions of our visitors.

Visitation policy

Guidelines for visitation are based on the ability to provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment that promotes the healing and wellness of patients while recognizing the importance of visitation to our patients, their families, friends and/or support persons.

HCA Florida Osceola Hospital will not restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

Exceptions to open visitation are in the Critical Care and Maternal Child Services areas. Restrictions in these areas are for the safety, security and well-being of the infants.

For the safety of the child, visitors under 14 years of age are discouraged from visiting. The Registered Nurse in charge of the patient and/or the Department Director may make exceptions on an individual basis. The patient’s well-being, comfort and safety are the primary responsibility of the Nurse and will be considered in making decisions to allow visitors under the age of 14.

Patient surgery text updates

To keep families informed on the progress of their loved one's surgery, we offer a service that provides updates via text message.

To keep families informed on the progress of their loved one's surgery, we offer a service that provides updates via text message.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are an integral part of the hospital experience for our patients and visitors.

Volunteering at our hospital

HCA Florida Osceola Hospital offers volunteer opportunities to people to contribute their time to improve the quality of services offered to our patients and their family members. If you are motivated to donate your time and talents and want to give back to your community, we invite you to join the dedicated group of volunteers at our hospital.


Web nursery

Parents can access and purchase their newborn's photographs taken at HCA Florida Osceola Hospital.

Parents who have their baby at our hospital can choose to have newborn photographs taken through our partnership with Mom365. Photos can be purchased and downloaded directly from their online app or website. We are proud to offer this service to the families of our newest patients.

Visit the Mom365 website for more information