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Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation refers to the process of helping a patient recover from a serious injury or illness. Patients often have to regain strength and learn new ways of completing normal, daily activities. Physical therapy, a branch of rehabilitation, focuses on building strength and mobility after disease, injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation center in Englewood, Florida

At HCA Florida Englewood Hospital, our specialists are proud to offer a wide range of therapies and rehabilitative treatments for patients in our community. 

We know it takes specialized care to recover from an orthopedic injury, joint replacement or neurological event. The physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists at our hospital are dedicated to ensuring you receive the continued care you need to heal all in a comfortable, caring environment. 

Therapy and rehabilitative care

At our outpatient rehabilitation center, we offer a variety of therapies and specialty programs, including:

Occupational therapy

Often, following a neurological incident, traumatic injury or surgery, you may not be able to move the same way you could before. Occupational therapists focus on helping you learn new ways to complete activities of daily life, such as bathing, dressing and eating. They can also help you with the aid of assistive devices, if needed.

Our occupational therapists will evaluate your capacity for self-care and customize your treatment plan.

Occupational therapy can be very useful to help you recover from hand injuries, neurological conditions and other conditions.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is focused on easing pain and restoring range of motion through strengthening and movement exercises. This therapy is often useful following an orthopedic injury, such as a sports injury. It can also be used to recover from orthopedic surgeries, such as joint replacements, as well as neurological problems and vestibular and balance disorders.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy is focused on helping patients communicate. Communication problems may result from speech disorders, swallowing disorders, strokes or brain injuries.

Our rehabilitation center's speech-language pathologists work with you to improve communication through a variety of methods. This can include speech, language, voice and cognitive training.

Specialized rehabilitation programs

Other physical therapy and rehabilitation programs we offer include:

  • Back program for neck and lower back pain
  • Fall prevention and balance program
  • Stroke recovery

About our physical therapy center

Our outpatient rehabilitation center has all the equipment and technology you need to actively recover. It also has more than 6,000 square feet, offering plenty of room for you to receive the individualized, dedicated care you deserve.

Transportation services

The rehabilitation specialists at our hospital are committed to making your recovery process pleasant and positive. As part of that, we provide an express transport service for patients who are unable to drive themselves to and from therapy sessions.

Coming to the outpatient rehabilitation center

Our outpatient rehabilitation center is located directly across the street from the main hospital, in the YMCA complex. The entrance is located to the left of the main entrance to the YMCA.

There are handicap parking spaces as well as reserved parking spots for patients receiving therapy.

The rehabilitation center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.