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Focused ultrasound

Focused ultrasound, or MR-guided focused ultrasound, is an incisionless procedure that provides relief for tremors caused by movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease or essential tremor. The treatment targets the thalamus with ultrasound waves to disrupt the abnormal activity causing the tremor.

Immediate improvement for tremors

Our non-invasive focused ultrasound procedure can free you from tremors in just a few hours, so you can easily write, eat and regain your independence.

UCF Lake Nona Hospital is the first hospital in Central Florida to offer incision-free brain surgery for Essential Tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson's Disease. If you are experiencing tremors that cannot be controlled by medication, a focused ultrasound procedure can make a life-changing difference.

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Conditions focused ultrasound can help

Our movement disorder specialist offers focused ultrasound treatments for the following conditions:

  • Essential Tremor
  • Parkinson's Disease

About our focused ultrasound treatments

Our procedure can provide same-day relief from tremors caused by Parkinson’s or Essential Tremor.

What is focused ultrasound?

Focused ultrasound (also called incisionless brain surgery or MR-guided focused ultrasound) is a highly effective procedure used to treat movement disorders like Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor. Essential Tremor (ET), a progressive neurological condition, causes shaking of the hands and arms or other body parts, which may worsen as you age. Nearly 10 million Americans are estimated to have ET, and living with tremors can make even simple activities challenging.

The non-invasive procedure takes place entirely inside an MRI scanner, and uses beams of ultrasound energy to target the part of the brain that controls the tremor, and makes it stop. The results are often immediate, and you can return to your normal activities within a few hours – tremor-free.

What are the benefits of focused ultrasound procedures?

At UCF Lake Nona Hospital, we understand the difficulties of living with ET, which is why we are proud to offer this revolutionary procedure, both to our Orlando community and to others across the country.

After receiving this two-hour procedure, you can expect tremors to disappear or see a substantial reduction, and the incisionless process means you can go home the same day. Other benefits include:

  • No incisions
  • No radiation or general anesthesia
  • No risk of infection or bleeding
  • Real-time tremor monitoring throughout the procedure

Focused ultrasound has minimal side effects – our team will monitor you for a few hours since you may experience temporary side effects like nausea, headache, numbing in fingertips, difficulty swallowing and unsteadiness in walking.

Am I a candidate for a focused ultrasound procedure?

If you experience Essential Tremor that cannot be controlled by medication, or if you have Parkinson’s Disease with tremors as the main symptom, you may be eligible for incisionless brain surgery. If you have ET, you must be over 22 years of age to have this procedure, and if you have Parkinson’s, you must be over 30 years of age. The treatment is approved for one side of the brain only. Complete the form below, or talk to your doctor if you think you may be a candidate...

UCF Lake Nona Hospital — Jen Stratton's Journey with Essential Tremor

UCF Lake Nona Hospital announced it is the first hospital in Central Florida to offer Incisionless Brain Surgery to treat essential tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson's disease unable to be controlled with medication. One of the hospital's first patients, Jen Stratton, underwent the procedure, June 4.

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