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Online registration

We understand your time is valuable. That's why HCA Florida Bayonet Point Hospital offers online registration and scheduling. Learn how to register.

Complete the 10-20 minute online registration scheduling forms at least two business days prior to your scheduled appointment. Before you begin, be sure you have all of the information listed below:

  • Social Security number
  • Name of ordering physician
  • Date of your scheduled procedure
  • All insurance cards
  • Employer information

Check in with our registration staff on the date of your scheduled service to complete the registration process. Please be advised that you will sign all consent forms during your visit.

MyHealthONE allows you to manage all parts of your healthcare easily and securely

  • View health records - lab results, physician notes, imaging reports and more
  • View your post-visit summary
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment
  • Share your health records with a physician or caregiver
  • And more
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Having trouble? Please contact us at:

Local Phone:


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm EST

You may also register for surgery, tests or treatment by phone using the links below.

What to bring with you

To avoid delays at check-in, please bring the following with you on the day of your appointment:

  • Your picture ID or driver’s license
  • All insurance cards
  • Prescription for services from your physician’s office
  • List of current medications and allergies
  • When appropriate, please bring with you copies of any medical notes, lab results, biopsies, X-ray results, etc.
  • Your authorization or referral from your physician's office

If you arrive without your necessary authorization and/or referral, you will be expected to pay for your visit prior to receiving services or opt to reschedule your appointment.

Anticipate a call from the registration area to collect your required estimated financial responsibility. Unpaid co-payments and deductibles are expected to be paid at the time of your visit.

Personal belongings

Please bring minimal personal belongings with you. You will want to leave valuables at home. The hospital is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.


As a courtesy to you, we will file your insurance after discharge. Upon admission, you will be asked to pay a deposit to cover any estimated deductible, co-insurance or non-covered charges. If you need to make financial arrangements, please let the registration office know prior to service so as to avoid any delays on the day of service.

At the time of arrival

You will be asked to sign a consent for treatment and authorization to bill your insurance. We will make a copy of your insurance card and your driver's license or photo ID. If you have an Advance Directive or living will, we will make a copy of that. You will be given a copy of our Privacy Practices. If you have registered, you will be given a copy of your demographic and insurance information to review and approve.

Medicare patients

We are required by federal law to ask you questions regarding other payment sources. Although you may have answered these in the past on other visits, we have to ask the questions each time you come for treatment except for recurring treatments 90 days. For patients spending the night, you will also be given a copy of your Medicare Rights.


When you arrive at the hospital, please report to the Admitting Department, located at Entrance “D”, on the first floor. You will be asked to complete all required forms and receive a room assignment. In the case of an elective admission, the pre-admission unit of the department will make every effort to contact you in advance to obtain information to speed up the admitting process.

Registration Requirements

Upon arrival in the Admissions Department, you will be asked to verify all demographic and insurance information. You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Health insurance cards and information including address, telephone number, and policy number
  • Photographic identification card
  • A valid prescription or physician order for all tests
  • Referral or authorization numbers, if required by your insurance

You will also be required to sign all applicable admissions forms at the time of registration.

Hospital Payment and Billing Consideration

Patients are responsible for all financial liabilities including co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses at the time of registration or at the time of discharge. If the exact dollar amount has not been determined, you will be asked to pay an estimated amount.


Registration is available to all scheduled patients prior to the date of service to expedite the check-in process. During the registration process, all registration information is obtained over the telephone. When you arrive at the facility, you will be required to provide your insurance cards and sign the required admission forms before going to the department.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We believe that you have the right and responsibility to be an active participant when making decisions regarding your health care. The care that you receive as a patient depends, in part, on your participation and actions as a patient in the hospital environment.