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Prenatal care

Pregnancy is a special time, and it requires specialized prenatal care. We're here to keep you and your child healthy throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal services may include checkups, nutritional supplements and childbirth education.

Pregnancy specialists in Florida

At HCA Florida Healthcare, we know a positive pregnancy test can create a rush of emotions — excitement, nervousness, joy or perhaps a mix of everything.

So, we consider it our privilege to guide and support you from the beginning of pregnancy to the moment you meet your little one. Whether this is your first or third pregnancy, we understand you may have a variety of questions. Is this type of discharge normal? Is that a contraction? What does getting an epidural entail? How can I prepare for a natural birth? Whatever questions you have, it is important to us that we provide you with thorough information so you feel safe and secure throughout your pregnancy.

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Our prenatal care services

We believe feeling prepared for labor and delivery helps you feel more confident and secure as you get closer to your delivery date. That is why our prenatal care services are designed to inform you, help you stay healthy and prepare you for childbirth. To do this, we provide educational opportunities, personalized birth planning and other resources to help you feel empowered throughout your journey to motherhood.

High-risk pregnancy care

HCA Florida provides access to high-risk pregnancy doctors, or maternal-fetal medicine physicians, who specialize in caring for women with high-risk pregnancies.

Whether you are carrying multiples, have a preexisting condition or have other factors that make your pregnancy high risk, our specialists are here to provide complete care and support.

Childbirth tours

To help you learn what to expect during your hospital stay, we offer childbirth tours at our hospitals. Each tour includes a look at the hospital's labor and delivery suites, postpartum suites and well-baby nursery.

The tour also serves as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about labor, childbirth and the facility's maternity amenities. Your tour guide is happy to answer your questions and be a resource for you however they can.

Maternity classes

Our hospitals also offer maternity classes taught by experienced childbirth educators. From breastfeeding classes to childbirth preparation classes, we cover a range of topics related to labor, childbirth, recovery and infant care.

Prenatal checkups with your provider

In addition to educational opportunities at our hospitals, you will have prenatal visits with your provider.

During these visits, your doctor or midwife will perform a pregnancy checkup, which may include listening to your baby's heartbeat and measuring your belly. At some prenatal appointments, you may also have ultrasounds and special exams, such as a glucose test to check for the presence of gestational diabetes.

Your prenatal visits also serve as an opportunity to discuss any birth questions or preferences you may have with your provider, so they can help you begin crafting a birth plan.

Our prenatal care teams

At HCA Florida, our obstetrician-gynecologists (OB/GYNs) and midwives have the expertise, qualifications and credentials to provide the high quality care you and your baby deserve. However, we know that pregnancy often requires the expertise of more than one provider. This is why we are pleased to bring our entire network of facilities and providers to your pregnancy care.

Should you need additional or specialty care during pregnancy, your provider is connected to other specialists in your area who can help.

Choosing a pediatrician

We encourage you to select your baby's pediatrician prior to your due date. You can ask your prenatal care provider for a referral, as well as ask friends and family for trusted recommendations.

As you are admitted to the hospital for delivery, our staff will ask you to provide your chosen pediatrician's name and phone number. This is so we may notify them as soon as your baby is born. If you have chosen a pediatrician or family practice provider who does not have privileges at the hospital you delivered at, your baby will be cared for by an in-house pediatrician during your hospital stay.

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