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At HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital, we are the area’s choice provider for women’s and children’s services. Through our family-centered patient care, we are fully committed to serving the patients in our community beginning at birth and continuing throughout their life span.

Internally, we focus on a shared decision-making model where staff have accountability and ownership of nursing quality, practice and development. New hires can expect experienced preceptors and up to 10 weeks orientation depending on pre-existing skill level, including well-baby assessment/management, lactation services and cross-training.


We have the privilege of delivering an average of 200 babies per month. In addition to our two recovery rooms and three triage beds, our women’s and children’s care center includes:

Labor and delivery

The 10-bed labor and delivery unit has two operating rooms and provides treatment for antepartum patients, laboring mothers, high-risk patients and mothers experiencing abruptions. Our staff also administers nonstress tests, diabetes insulin drips and magnesium sulfate drips. We also offer prenatal and lamaze classes.


In our 21-bed mother/baby unit, we provide gynecology services, mother/baby couplet care, as well as treating both low and high-risk antepartum, postpartum hemorrhage and pregnancy-induced hypertension. Additionally, we offer specialized services such as lactation consultants, breastfeeding classes, sibling classes and a discharge Program.

NICU (Level II)

The 10-bed Level II NICU specializes in newborn transition and stabilization, maternal fetal medicine for high-risk pregnancies, care for low birth weight infants and care for respiratory distress and sepsis. In addition, we are equipped with positioning aids, state-of-the-art ventilators, resuscitation equipment and Giraffe Omnibed Isolettes. Our NICU has 24-hour neonatologist and specialized respiratory care coverage, as well as a specialized neonatal physical therapist.


Our growing 21-bed pediatric specialty unit typically treats general pediatrics cases such as abscesses, Rota virus, RSV and post-op tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Most high-risk patients are stabilized and transferred to a higher level of care hospital.

A note from our directors

At HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital, we are a true "work family." We feel this is our home away from home! Our goal as directors is to empower staff to make decisions through unit-based councils. We enable this through a strong administrative commitment to growing this service line, while other providers are closing it or keeping it status quo.

Our management style is customer-focused and is rooted in participation and shared decision-making, something we expect our staff to apply to patient care. With that focus, we aim to make this the premier hospital for women's and children's services and would like for anyone who is about making positive changes to come and join our team!

Tamika Williams
Director of L&D and OB

Jana Crosby
Director of NICU and Pediatrics