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Daniel Smith

A trip to the emergency room showed Cherry Smith that the Westside Hospital staff genuinely care about patient care and happiness during her father's recent stay.

January 21, 2021
Daniel Smith (left) and Cherry Smith (right)

“My family and I would like to express our thanks, gratitude and appreciation to your staff from the Emergency room doctor, Dr. Wilkerson and attending nurse in the ER, Nurse Jessica to the third floor staff members. We say thank you to the plethora of nurses and assistant nurses on the third floor that treated our father with excellent care, courtesy and respect. They were attentive, patience and even attempt to speak with him in Creole. They always greeted him with a smile and explained every procedure to him before administering them. Even when he was afraid, they were very gentle and compassionate with him.

We would also like to personally thank the Nursing Director, Ms. Nicole Sant’Elia for visiting my father several times during his 8 days stay at Westside. She made sure to enquire about his health and the level of treatment that he was receiving from her staff. Also, Ms. Sant’Elia patiently listened to my family‘s concerns and personally addressed them. I would also like to thank Dr. Audrea Vaughan, Dr. Villicana, Dr. Melo, Dr. Julian Flores, and Enrique De Castro, as well as the physical therapy staff members for their expert care and treatment to my father.

I would like to thank the custodial staff for providing a clean and fresh environment in the hospital. I applaud your third floor custodial staff for the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of my father’s room, floor and bathroom area.

Lastly, I would like to say that, the entire staff from the ER department to the 3rd floor staff members, as well as the custodial staffs; they all had a positive impact on my father’s health, well-being and even his emotional and mental state. My father stated that Westside Hospital was the first hospital he felt safe and comfortable in. He also stated that he would recommend this hospital to all his family and friends. Thanks again for the excellent care and respect that your staff provided to my father. My family and I would continue to prayer for you and your staff during COVID-19 and afterwards.” — Cherry Smith (right), daughter of Daniel Smith, a patient at Westside Hospital

January 21, 2021
HCA Florida Westside Hospital