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922 E Call Street
Suite 1301
Starke, FL 32091

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We have a dedicated account manager on staff who can answer any questions and help you get started.

We have a dedicated account manager on staff who can answer any questions and help you get started.

About NFH Company Care Occupational Health - Starke

Company Care of Starke is now North Florida Hospital Company Care Occupational Health - Starke. Our name has changed, but we still have the same dedicated staff providing occupational health and caring customer service to your employees. Please contact us to find out how Company Care can help you care for your employees.

Our occupational health services

Our team can assist with your pre-employment screenings and vaccinations, yearly OSHA and DOT required testing, or work place injuries. Some of our services include:

  • Drug screens
  • Alcohol testing
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Physicals, including DOT, fit-for-duty and lifting evaluations
  • Pulmonary function tests (PFT) and spirometry
  • Immunizations
  • Audiology
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Workers' compensation treatment

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our services, or if you would like to make an appointment, please call us at (904) 452-2309.

Supplemental screenings

In addition to the other services we provide, we also offer these supplemental screenings:

Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)

Help your employees foster good heart health by encouraging them to get an ECG through one of our programs. We offer:

  • Interpretation included
  • Tracing only

Laboratory (lab)

We can perform different types of employment-related lab testing, some of which include:

  • Antibody titers for immunity screenings
  • Asbestos testing, lead and zinc protoporphyrin (PP)
  • Post-exposure testing
  • Pre-employment screenings


Whether they need an X-ray before hiring or you want to support the continued health of a current employee, our radiology services can help. We provide:

  • Pre-employment screening films
  • TB chest X-ray clearance films

Vision screenings

We can screen employees for different visual abilities, including:

  • Depth perception
  • Peripheral field of vision
  • Red-green color perception deficiencies
  • Visual acuity

Physician talks

One easy way to help prevent unnecessary time away from work due to illness is by making sure your employees are educated about their health. We have numerous healthcare professionals available to give free educational talks to your employees. Just choose a topic that is impacting your employee population, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or breast cancer. One of our experts will come to your location and give a presentation focused on that subject. These talks are a great way to engage your employees and promote healthy habits at the workplace and at home.

Workers' compensation

When your employees are injured at work, it only makes sense to send them to a place where they will get superior care. We are experienced with treating initial injuries and providing follow-up care. We have on-site radiology and lab capabilities to address exposures.

Our trained providers are proficient at completing worker's compensation reports and forms, such as DWC-25 forms, and giving restrictions to minimize time away from work when possible. Our dedicated workers' compensation nurses coordinate treatment through ongoing communication with the patient, employer and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

If you have any questions about workers' compensation or if you’re unsure of what to do if one of your workers gets injured, give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions and collaborate with you to create a workers' compensation process that is right for your business.

Other screenings and tests

If your company requires a service or screening you have not seen on our website, please call (904) 452-2309. If we have the necessary supplies and equipment, we are happy to accommodate your request.