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Andrea DeNeen, MD

Program director

Dr. Andrea DeNeen received her Doctorate of Medicine from UTHSCSA Medical School, San Antonio, TX and completed Cardiology Fellowship at University of Kentucky. She knew that caring for others was what she wanted to do, “I don’t remember making the decision to become a doctor; I just knew that it was what I was going to do,” says Dr. DeNeen. She found cardiology to be the most fascinating rotation she experienced, and loves the procedural aspects of care, but her biggest focus is on education and prevention.

Youssef Al-Saghir, MD

Division chief

Combining his interest in electrical engineering and fascination with the physiology of the heart and the way it works with the rest of the body, makes cardiology a perfect choice for Dr. Al-Saghir. He chose medicine as a way to help people and make a difference in their lives. Dr. Al-Saghir helps patients manage chest pain and structural heart disease and also performs interventions on both the heart and the vascular system.

Core faculty

Firas El-Sabbagh, MD

Dr. El Sabbagh is dedicated to treating a patient as a whole and delivering the highest level of comprehensive care. When it comes to electrophysiology, Dr. El Sabbagh enjoys the constant advancements in the field. “There is always new technology on the horizon,” Dr. El Sabbagh says, “The field challenges you to always stay up to date and use these advancements to the best interest of our patients.”

Ibrahim Fahdi, MD

Disease. Dr. Fahdi believes that providing care should come with spending adequate time with the patient and family, listening to their questions and providing enough information to treat the current problem and prevention of future events.

Ahmad Younes, MD

Dr. Younes’ philosophy includes tackling diseases before they occur with a comprehensive patient care model that addresses nutrition, exercise, medications as well as patient education.

Vaqar Ali, MD

Abraham Jacob, MD

Omar Hamoui, MD

Sumant Lamba, MD

Jason Roberts, DHSc

Brian Shapiro, MD

David Swain, DPM