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Meet the faculty for Kendall Hospital's Internal Medicine Residency Program and learn about their experience and training.

Jose A. Gascon, MD
Program Director

Jose Barros, MD
Academic Hospitalist, Internal Medicine

Silvia Bentancor, MD
Academic Hospitalist, Internal Medicine

Jose Gonzalez-Pantaleon, MD

Roberto Ruiz, MD

Vanina Molinares, MD

Idle Lee, MD

Subspecialty Faculty

Alejandro Villegas, MD
Critical Care Medicine

Robert Hernandez, MD
Infectious Disease

Guibel Pereira, MD

Ricardo Garcia-Rivera, MD

Bradley Shumaker, MD
Physician Advisor, Director of Systems-Based Practice Rotation

Lourdes Bosch, MD
Inpatient Pulmonary Medicine

Mario Mangas, MD
Outpatient Pulmonary Medicine

Walter Ramirez, MD