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Learn more about Brandon Hospital's Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program curriculum and rotation schedule.

The addiction medicine program is based on the textbook, The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine sixth edition.

As a supplement, we use The ASAM Criteria, and recorded conferences and lectures are through ASAM and ACAAM, including The ASAM Board Exam Study Course, The ACAAM Didactic Lecture Series.

We also utilize journal article reviews and board exam questions.


Most of the rotations will be through River Oaks Treatment Center with nine of the thirteen, 28-day rotations being spent at this campus.

Fellows will be responsible for clients admitted with an H&P/Addiction evaluation and follow them as the primary Addiction Medicine provider until discharge. Fellows will provide typical levels of care from “detox” through inpatient rehab, residential treatment care, partial hospitalization programming, to intensive outpatient programming.

The campus includes a structure housing recovery residence for clients in outpatient care.

A "Medications for Opiate Use Disorder" (MOUD) program within residential treatment is part of these nine rotations.

Up to four electives off-campus are allowed currently with an established rotation through HCA Florida Brandon Hospital Emergency department or the private pain management office of Arpit Patel, DO.

Potential off-site rotations for obstetrics and gynecology, surgery and pediatrics may be arranged with enough notice. Previous year fellows have chosen to do two of the electives at River Oaks.